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Can I do a video in my blog? I really would like to! For #InvisibleIllness! 

Let’s do a Motility Disorder themed everyday of the week! We are on #WarriorWednesday I really like #MotilityMonday (MoveitMonday) #ThankfulTuesday we could do #ToiletTuesday #TubieTuesday followed by #WarriorWednesday then #ThankfulThursday ya know God Bless America cause the colon moved or we have hope!? It will!   With  #Green4GPFriday #SuperHerosSaturday #SoulfulSundayGPAintMe

Just a few thoughts to bounce around added to our collection. 

I Did it – only took a few hours y’all but all is well!!!! #NEGU is written on me in #InvisibleInk in #InvisibleIllnessWeek for #CureGP #HR2311 We are going to do this for #USA cause a #CureGP crosses all boundaries just like #GP #Gastroparesis #MotilityDisorder has no mercy nor boundaries when we find the answer it will go everywhere no matter the location — so we will keep doing our #TakeABite4GP Awareness #WorldWide cause you can put a golf ball in your mouth or a lil organic blueberry. They can both go in your mouth logistically speaking but to the person suffering from digestive disease? This is what you have done to them in varying degrees. They are not digesting nor absorbing these small golf balls. Now can you imagine the pain? Some of us have it and some of us do not. See what I am asking you to understand is we can physically put these things in but it does not mean our bodies will do what it should do! Just as an arm with paralysis couldn’t. Those golf balls not only may they get stuck at any point esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine– any where along the large intestine- colon – ! We have pelvic floor disfunction- meaning we cannot expel the waste at times — picture your large intestine- colon 3 feet approximately with hard – continue with the golf ball example or imagine small steel bb’s hard impacted stool- do you understand? Why we are exhausted, in pain, malnourished, dehydrated, bouts of diarrhea,( liquid leaking around ) bile backs up with your nausea and rotting food. 

While we take everything within our means to keep you on a positive road? We need you to not question our reality or for one moment think we are pretending about anything! While I am very very blessed? Always have been with a family who has never – not for one single moment questioned my diagnosis nor choices about my health? There are those in our #GPNation fighting for their lives & their truth to be seen,heard, & understood! This is tragic! My family is one which is a genetic component but before this reared its ugly head? They were still completely & totally utterly diamonds of empathy!