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My Day

As I sit, pray, meditate about the best place to put my love & prayers . (You are all covered by the way) I come to the place I begin in Faith Hope, Optimism, Love, Trust & believing the burden is not mine. See, for so many years I thought it was,  and when you think it is? The rose can’t unfold, the greatest of arts can’t be painted, the most beautiful of things along the way are missed because we are too busy trying to make things “right” I have to remind myself of this lesson often. Because I have put my trust in the Big picture God’s Hands not mine – I try to to listen for the cues and not miss my steps but alas that is what new days are for and Grace with unconditional love. If you have found yourself without these? My what joys await you! Because you don’t have to live without them – it is a choice. 

Just as community outreach or advocacy or any other program that helps our great big family called humanity. 

We focus on #MotiltyDisorders #Gastroparesis #CureGP these #IncurableDiseases #5MillionGPStrong in our #GPNation of #GPWarriors fight to survive #Starving4ACure #TakeABite4GP tell someone why others do what some can’t !!! 

We want #HR2311 passed in #USA contact your representatives with the link in a few minutes & request they Cosponsor our #MotilityDisorder Bill to create Centers of execellence & research which will improve & save lives possibly of someone you love at any time #MotilityDisorders have no mercy nor cure. #Takeabite4GP 

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