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A Doctor Interview

Doctor are you worthy? We are priceless. What is your protocol for a multilevel situation (either you know or in the process of knowing) Dr are you able to reach out to specialists? Do you know a good palliative care team to support my various needs? I need a team working with me! If you cannot coordinate with me? If you cannot manage to work with someone in insurance? Because the goal is to create the best treatment plan — can you?  Can you be all in – even though-I know practices support, 15 minute consults! We are not a 15 minute patient, but here is the thing, we only bother you in dyer circumstances! If we are just a beginner #MotilityDisorder patient? We learn quickly, especially if connected to a #GPSister_Brother (online support groups filled with a lot) So dear Doctor Are You The One For Me? Speak to me, this is your interview. I need to hear if you are the Dr for me and please note for my files? This lil recorder is here to help me remember your responses. So, begin to tell me, If I have an emergency? ?? If I  have after hours issues?  Can you work with me, fight for me outside of your lane & continue  to learn as we move towards more research—>a cure for these incurable diseases. Do I come first? Do no harm – The insurance company does not rule the world. My Dr and his/her best treatment plan for my individualized needs for my best quality of life is what we are fighting for right here right now.