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Mom’s Quilts & it’s Lessons

What a quilt says & does. A quilt is a unique testimony & cultural time teller. Let me share. As my mother cared for my step-father in his declining health she began to gather her memories of her grandmother’s then expand upon them which she did not have and began to make it her own. She began on her quilting journey stitching each piece by hand, embroidering & praying at the same time. All the while gathering materials on the fly as she could. The walmarts began to phase out their craft & sewing deptartments . … Creating some added stress. But there was a storm coming. Before it arrived… She made quilts. She made intercession with love of a higher calling beyond herself. Her crown & mansion was to be very unique indeed. 

My Mom had underestimated what she was doing all along.  When I needed a gastric electrical stimulator, a lawyer stepped in to fight for me. She received a quilt. She called to thank my Mom and told her nothing so precious & priceless had ever been done for her. She was going to hang it on her wall. The cancer and chemo treatment center received love quilts anonymously. Many received quilts made from love and prayers 

You are seeing an example of quilt pillows, a quilt, and the only framed work I am aware of but she did so much – she & my father taught us it is the act not the recognition- be the “cog” in a wheel. The “ignition” won’t go without them but we are nothing without each other! We make the wheel go when we see “Opportunity is always present in the midst of a crisis!”