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Do You See?

Do You see?

My invisibility 

The #GP #Gastroparesis

My priceless ways because I am more than a discussion about veins or thighs aka weight 

The chronic intestinal pseudo-Obstruction Syndrome #CIPO 

DO YOU KNOW I quit talking about the way this goes years ago? Diapers or Depends? 

I am still priceless because I said so! 

Not this bag hanging up here because it is holding what won’t go in or come out … 

I want to talk about the color of these eyeshades or eyeshadows perhaps even some lip gloss! 

If you tell me you have found some new hats on clearance … OMG  let me just say I love you! 

It isn’t about about what isn’t but what is! This day is blessed not its shape nor form. 

We are given beauty priceless beyond compare! It won’t come again! So remember to soak it in, this is your blessing, it isn’t tangible! Don’t let them fool you! It isn’t my dear so keep your wits about you! 

Do not let it come in —the fear! 

Even if they say mito is the reason and you are eighty & your body is already too far gone, 

Smile give Grace for yourself and others -cause we are beautifully and wonderfully made. 

You are the gift – make the #InvisibleIllness be defined -not by taking you – but by not allowing it to be ignored in this priceless vessel!  We demand its recognition by each of us one & all #5MillionGPStrong speaking lil cogs as #1Voice2CureGP  “1 match will light an explosion” it will start our “ignition” aka “motility ” every voice aka #GPWarrior #GPAdvocate  being heard !