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Have you been on the other end? 

Of the “look”. “Well they obviously can get out of the car just fine!”

The recipient of a “Questioning” glance saying , “Well, they are obviously able to eat! They have no loss of  – pounds!” 

Have been on the end of “arrogance” without empathy? “I sure do hope they can fix you!” 

Like you were a flat tire! 

The other end of the insensitivity —which keeps itself cocooned in its healthy embrace 

Never coming face to face with a body barely existing from its malnourished state. 

I extend my end to you… You know not so you are not. 

My precious energy cannot be wasted on your misguided misunderstandings 

Bodies presenting untruths all the while dying 

I can only advocate for my #GPNation to create pockets of education 

Thereby overriding all opinions or ill willed misnomers of confusion speaking from the luxury of health

I see you I hear you I left you my Sister Brother fellow Warrior our Village cries out for the empathetic attention across this planet! 

Lead us now Lord, Dear God there are no barriers to the moment of infinite wisdom leading to healing cures. 

Stop the starvation -malnutrition – dehydration – pain – fatigue – deaths due to complications thereof – We can be visible!

We can #CureGP