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Be Visible

My invisibility is not a burden upon your society unless you ignore our pain

There is nothing to say in this vast sea of brokenness but a celebration of service 

Eagles always acknowledge that which made them this way

See buzzards & pigs ask questions not because of the greater good but because of a base need

Whereas our paradigms know this village does no harm on the mountain top of Justice seeing higher scales 

When a heady combination of need malnutrition dehydration & a spiritual strength find a God path new paths see old ways making new roads.

We are all in the shoes of each other – we breathe each other’s breath – we eat each other’s meals on any given day. 

Never let it be said you let your neighbor go hungry when you could help, nor sheltered if needed, teach them to fish and then if that fish won’t stay down learn why – we are our physicians the St. Luke in the crowd 

It is upon us to seek the knowledge to treat, research, & cure. Be visible. 

Hunger is pain 

Pain is the result trying 

Trying to eat

No matter how we try to follow the perfect rules the #GPMonster of paralysis – malabsorption attacks inside 

Lies to the  outside world while tearing our inside world apart 

As if a bomb went of then put up a concrete barricade up inside us not letting anything escape its destructive mass attack

Only release is its toxic seepage through our nerve endings they become lit up on fire 

Or in pain it’s different from person to person 

Do you see us now? If we were to be a color in these moments it would burn your eyes 

The orange red pinkish inflammation of this body internal explosion all from trying to renourish our body 

Are we visible now?