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#IIWK16 There really is, truly, no other disease or incurable disease which forces you to prep for an outing like NPO orders for surgery or a procedure. It is a completely ordinary and well understood common practice for those of us with this digestive paralysis issue. If we need to accomplish activities– like a day of Dr appt’s we cannot have anything on our stomach or in our bowels as close as we can get it… Some or a lot of us travel with “adult” depends – total new clothes…. For the downstairs. Bags for nausea/vomiting & all our meds. We do not dare partake of sustenance because of the unpredictably of the our digestive tract. Of course this worsens our other issues — for those of us dealing with migraines. Dehydration is not good for the body– but putting things into a completely unreliable body away from a bathroom is not cool! 

To call it a process – is an understatement- it is a massive choreographed digestive performance on a multi-level scale. 

But the thing is we prevail – we overcome! How so? We are #GPWarriors I am pulling back the curtain to aid in #Visibility but for the most part ….you never know about our feeding tubes, port-a-Caths, infusions, malnutrition, dehydration, of the most dignified strongest, #GPSisters #GPBrothers you will ever be Blessed to know. #5MillionGPStrong ready for #CureGP