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I Find AWay

Ill find a way 

Everyday I will see your good & the peace in you

Because in me I hold peace, patience, optimism, & the bridge with Love

I will find a way everyday to see unity because the alternative is too heavy 

Therefore if you have something to say? Which is not kind, take it away, for I must not hear it today

For I am finding a way to see your better day

The one which knows the greater good of unconditional good ~~~greater than self

With no time for the petty

Nor business other than Eagles 

A man in a tiny hut healthy & wise 

Or her on the mountaintop in the simple log cabin 

Knows her wisdom is the peace of their village– not the heady speak of a Chief, King, Queen, reigning on high feeding 

While those around them starve

They go blind from their own self-perceived brilliance 

The charity(love ) of their “good” 

Of people lost gone gone gone

Their ego – super Id ate their empathy, love, charity to self & others but like  ages of time & fantasy 

Whether (the great & powerful oz or a mad King or Dictator or Slave owner at any given time– Egypt – England – Africa – to America)

When we all are at peace within & without. Then the world will aright its self in its OneLovePeople from a village of healing & hope of humanity. 

I will find a way everyday to see your good, your beauty, your infinite possibilities. Allow for the possibility to occur in which you will too! Because there is truly –No one — like you! Priceless without compare! People speak of these amazing findings in Gem mines– precious stones! Yet, are surrounded by the most brilliant of gifts only here for the blink of an eye ! We are meant to be the #Peacekeepers of #UnconditionalLove while agreeing to disagree! It is our journey to be the spices in each other’s lives. The gift of being a mosaic in this village— otherwise there will be no art nor music. 

We must celebrate while mirroring all the good with pure hearts – let’s get busy fellow amazing sojourners! You are doing a great job! It is already a new moment filled with new potential <3