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Priceless-You Are

Outside my window is the peace joy of overflow

I have been reflecting as of late outside from the inside

Because of an abundance found in a place built I suppose with love & spiritual fortitude gifts untold

Do you see outside your window and want the thing you think do not have? 

Do you sit & reflect & slowly change the things which make every place you go the greatest place on earth?

It takes a “work in progress” to be homebound & not see a prison but a “sanctuary of service”

To see “the bloom where you are planted theory” married with the “GodWinks” 

Then take “The Spoon Theory” stir it into a pot & get #IAmOkayNow  what a set of cliff notes that was. I left out the Beatitudes – The Four Agreements – BioFeedBack- Meditation- with visualation & aromatherapy. (I couldn’t be that neglectful:-) And oh Sweet Jesus the MUSIC, ART, POETRY, BOOKS — >> I have said so many times Books are the friends you will ever have! They never change their story, but their is generally some new insight to be extracted from them! It is the best relationship ever BOOKS 🙂 They are a treasure. 

We sit, if blessed looking out our window knowing our own self-worth. Then if more blessed? Sharing this brief journey with some of the most priceless irreplaceable gems of gorgeous blessings in our lives – I am so very honored & priveledged by my beautiful loving gems. They take my lows and make them high. The thought of another’s success or dream coming true makes me EXTREMELY HAPPY JOYOUS!!! EVEN WHEN I DO NOT KNOW THEM! Imagine my internal endomorphines at my closest gems success? OFF THE CHARTS!   There is one small issue – the other end of my empathetic soul feels the pain & suffering way too intensely.. But it is just what it is.   You can walk around life as an “AWESOME” you  would never know what the opposite end of the spectrum was right? 

As in reflection of the priceless gems – I share something made by one them when he was in approx 4th grade. We had, from a visit to my Uncle Tommy, a unique lil dental floss can , from a grocery  store in Jackso Ms. (There is a greater story here but I shall wait. – As I shared with April & My Aunt told a cousin recently – we are a good southerners- we do tell “sagas” Lord help us!)  so inside this lil dental floss can was a wooden spool. My kids were intrigued with crotchetiness at the time, but my son couldn’t make it work with the needle – so (no he did not give up!) he did it by hand! A single dark blue strand to take the wooden spool through into a necklace. Then the he set his stone! He took a permanent black sharpie and drew a heart on it. He made a lil note “I love you Mom” w/a lil more but you will see me often in this necklace with my other layers of necklaces. 

I said the other day, in a writing, we go into mines hunting for precious stones while bypassing the only set of the exsiting DNA so briefly  on this planet. I think diamonds & gems are beautiful too but I, like many of you, are advocates for our #GPNation — serving a greater good than just me — I am (as I have said many many times) just a lil cog prayerfully being that which is of service – without y’all? Well this is a very futile proposition I throw down – erect, bridges, place my lil cogs as able but without the rest of the “mode of transportation?” Well y’all can visualize this lil situation in animation or a full color supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Disney style —> Unless we suddenly — oops I just started tripping the lights fantastic. Eeeeeerrrrk–Focus! 

I tried to put my lil “cog” or   “bridge”  up thinking I had no energy nor enough to offer — well that was back in 2007 . As you can see, My hat is on! 

Thank you for the honor of sharing, supporting, advocating, serving, gems who are #Warriors #Green4GP #CureGP #HR2311 #MotilityDisorder #MitoCure w/ #IIWK16  #TakeABite4GP 

The families, friends, good medical teams who advocate for those of us who do not fit in the prescribed paradigm/protocol /best practices —> who claims to know more than your own Doctor who is treating you & knows your diagnosis . 

Thank you for allowing me to be this “cog” empowering myself while empowering others. Having purpose outside our diagnosis while advocating is negative & positive– I just choose to see the positive gems glowing, glittering, & reflecting a promise with truth & Love. 

Thank you! Priceless y’all are sapphires, diamonds, rubies, all catching a light prism / do you hear it? 

Priceless you are see? Hear? This is not your everyday hear & see. 

Priceless you are💚

In all ways a treasure beyond compare:-) <3