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#RCAW #RightCare =

#RCAW #RightCare #RightCareActionWeek 
No matter our income (which may get a buffer —  briefly! No one can afford the costs for long !!! It is very very expensive to be #Starving4ACure #Dying4ACure >>>> a lack of #RightCare!  When 1 is turned away, to slowly die in front of our eyes – it is you & I left to die because no one is in there fighting in behalf of you & I) we cannot accept this reality as it stands!!! 

#RightCare = a medical team with us -the patient – able to do best practices #DoNoHarm & treat for Quality of life & address + research & fight for us to find answers as if we were their closest relative. While remaining professional while praying for Miracles we understand our realities but this lack of #RightCare to so many as we were cattle being branded ? Without a thought to what our individual needs are to survive while (please Lord get #HR2311 out of committee) centers of excellence & research help us find a way other than we’ve done all we can! Our hands are tied, I know what you need but we can’t thanks to the abuse of others. Sincerely, all who make these decisions? When a doctor declares a situation outside of the norms? Please do the physician & the patient the respect of #RightCare 

No one is immune to these diseases! So many of us were excercising, eating healthy, and busy in our lives til it was ravished  by a steamroller of this #Motility issue & unrelenting #Migraines 1st migraine 1989 1st onset of hidden issues that had been there forever – they just became so loud. A perfect storm hit with a car wreck which fractured (broke ) front chin /jaw. My mouth wired – muscles jerked off the back of my neck. Went to classes in a neck brace. (I was commuting two hrs there & back to finish my degree) well, I had to stop for a brief hospital stay. Grrrr interruption! 

 #RightCare = means the majority of millions no longer flounder for 8-10 yrs without answers, quality of care, or misdiagnosis due to lack of a diagnosis. #RightCare = research with answers instead of a referral to a psychiatrist simply by being female & too #Complex for the average Doctor. One of the motility specialists once asked a doctor interning under him, “Do you know why we call it Idiopathic Gastroparesis?”  The quizzical look passes over the interns face…then the Motility Specialist says, “Because we are too much of an idiot to find the answer.”  This is an an example of empathic–> #RightCare