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Agree to Disagree

Life is too short too precious 

To not slow your roll & do otherwise. 

I did not say I was joining the circus. I truly & sincerely love (not my words & not clear where it came from!) not my monkey not my circus. I said I am loving you with celebration! You are the only one of you ~~~~like me with all my human imperfections, flaws & eccentricities. I love the places, corners, and all the different insights which reflect our prismatic internal rainbows. They make our truth so very healthy ~~~ when our essence shines without any influence towards a”cookie cutter” kind of exisistence? We breathe each day with an appreciation of ourselves & others. I do not have to know where you are, what you are, when you were, nor what side of the street you like to like on or even if you prefer mustard to mayo! Shocking right? Nor do you have to agree with my philosophy, nor denomination, politics, (wont be discussing it) nor your views about many other topics. I love round table “discussions” with thoughtful speech– debate. What I will not do is get loud nor engage in is shouting matches, or ugliness, prejudice, bullying, meanness, putting others down, being hateful negative, pessimistic self defeating behavior. It is harmful, hurtful, and a complete waste of precious time & energy. A very wise woman once told me to never presume to know the motives of another’s heart. This is God’s territory. I also had along with the utterly freeing concept of not taking things personally in THE FOUR AGREEMENTS — along with daily meditation with the Beatitudes-  another very piece of wisdom given ~~~ “I will forgive you for asking the question if you will forgive me for not answering it.” 

This is from University of Louisville Jewish Hospital Gastrointestinal Motility Clinic  

“Welcome to the JH GI Motility Clinic. We receive many patient referrals from throughout the United States and from all across the world. Each of our patients are unique but typically have GI Motility Disorders that include pain after eating, dysphagia (trouble swallowing), abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, unexplained pancreatitis, constipation, fecal incontinence, unexplained weight loss, or have complications following obesity surgery.” The JH GI Motility Clinic. 

 ( The kindest, most compassionate, dedicated, to #GPNation is on this Medical Team) while Louisville was a bit too far his dx & treatment is – with God’s hand the only reason “past my expected date of passing” “living on borrowed time” in 2007 I was in my last stages. I do not know what else to tell you except all of the above is true yet one of Dr Abell’s Protégé’s took me on & I have blessed doubly … Yes and with an amazing palliative care team. Who “gets it!”I know I blessed not one moment is taken for granted! Yes #DrAbell_Team even did the #TakeABite4GP Stacy Griffen-Sawyer had the idea and is seeing him as well, when presented the idea!? He was sooo excited! He grabbed everyone & did the challenge! He is dedicated!!! True story!!! 

Compassion with Empathy & Dedication is priceless. Thank you #DrThomasAbell_Team <3 

There are peacemakers & bridges — then there are stirrers & demolition crews of nosiness- who still have amazing attributes to be admired from afar. Boundaries are healthy they create spaces for every one to be their better selves. ✨ a bucket off is better than a bucket on! #LightsLanternsCandles all help to guide the #PeaceBoat even if they never enter it.