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I found a page turning in the wind it said 

My love is no burden upon your soul 

I found my words floundering upon the waters as your love leaked upon the ground 

We made no sound 

Not one drop did it exceed this day I lost you 

Yet I found myself knowing there are truths older than time 

Relationships built where ashes now lye 

Do you see my eyes when you should know my heart!?

I cannot abide this life where pretense is a mask for lie

Nor will I in any moment 

When every breath is borrowed from the last 

It resurrected 

A copyright of my DNA you cannot purchase

 nor pretend to care like yesterday’s lie 

in a tornado sweet potato pie

Your infringement upon the wind does not go unnoticed 

Like an exon Valdez to a seal drinking iced tea the day after tomorrow 

The next breath is only treasured if Bo Radley knows you like that

Scout or Eagles all remain but never rustle in pigs calling their own language 

We lift you, like Bo. Girl or Boy. 

Thank you Harper Lee it is a gift to see.