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#RCAW. #ThankfulThursday 🕯💚🙏🏼💛🕯

Why #ThankfulThursday it follows #WarriorWednesday

Every #NEGU #ButYouDontLookSick #Spoonie #InvisibleNoMore knows each hour is filled with thanks for an #OpportunityInTheCrisis even whilst dealing with the harsh waves of pain, fatigue,nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea & more but this is the tip of it (and yes this varies in degrees & not everyone experiences all of these symptoms nor does it mean they do not have #GP if they do not — - these diseases are masters of deception. What is true one day may not be the truth the next day. When dealing with motility — - there are no guarantees)

Y’all #RightCare action week #RCAW 2016 event begins today (event opens ) https://www.facebook.com/events/280447335675073/?ti=icl

w/ Ms Melissa VanHouten hosting — >coordinating with www.lowninstitute.org  www.rightcaredeclaration.org

 This is a unique opportunity to express our opinions on what we believe #RightCare = __________________________ (means to us) give an example of what was good or bad medical care with this statement — if you should choose to do so. It is a way to raise awareness & be an agent of change with #Advocacy. focused on the key component of our survival to stay alive while fighting (many not all of us ) more than one #IncurableIllness. getting the #RightCare makes a world of difference to #GPNation — -having Dr’s , medical teams, those on medical review boards or writing protocols seeing the impact of good #RightCare & bad #RightCare is an outcome prayerfully sought for the greater good & mission of #CureGP