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Twenty-Five years of Advocacy for patients with Gastroparesis 

Twenty-five years of advocacy for patients with gastroparesis: support group therapy and patient reported outcome tool development

Teresa Cutts, Sandra Holmes, Archana Kedar, Karen Beatty, Mohammad K. Mohammad and Thomas Abell 

It is with sincere & deep appreciation the dedication displayed by the authors in this paper, are held in high esteem & gratitude. I & many others owe the quality of life we do have to Dr Thomas Abell. His footprint, compassion, empathy, infinite, dedication to our community cannot be expressed. Without him pushing & proving that motility is a matter of function – a physical provable fact driven diagnosis. Not a psychiatrist issue, something in a person’s head. We would be still be seeing patients being sent to the psychiatric referrals rather than treating the solid concrete medical, information to be collected if a doctor bothers to do to the correct tests & asks the correct questions. It also requires the belief beyond the 1960’s Diagnosis and Treatment for doctor’s training. I am blessed to have my Dad’s & if we remain with the old school training where women are the majority diagnosed with Gastroparesis a Motility Disorder, then treatment & Diagnosis lives & breathes in this era – erroneously. 

Dr Thomas Abell and some of his peers are training doctors but not nearly enough. We need #HR2311 with its centers of excellence & research. 

Dr’s who go above & beyond their #DoNoHarm & #TakeABite4GP as #DrAbell_Team did for the campaign for Awareness did this August when we heard we were added to the national world health observance calendar along side Breast cancer awareness, diabetes, heart, etc. 

We #Advocate for #CureGP