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Advocacy a thought

Advocacy at its core is focused on a mission of #CureGP but there is also a much larger goal interwoven into advocacy. While Tweeting, posting, blogging, tumbling, Instagraming, & creating campaigns alongside of projects which are never about anyone person but #GPNation. The larger advocacy goal is sharing the hard, hard, lesson of where your strength is, your empowerment comes from, & who can take it from you ~~~ I am not speaking of physical strength because as I have lost a great deal of this in pieces over the years? I am not weak. My journey has long been a walk with God. We have had many many conversations in the silence of prayers, meditation & I will not force this on anyone. I will tell you, it is, at the core of my spiritual strength & peace. I also know there are many roads to a destination & if they allow you to grow, be at peace, filled with self-esteem, self-empowerment, & the knowledge of this growth? The only person who can take this type of strength from you ? Is you. This is the part of my advocacy & prayer which truly prays with a higher power than myself I can be a lil cog in a wheel giving the insight, encouragement, & inspiration to others to be themselves & see the beauty of themselves. It does not stop with a dx & it is not dependent on what you can give or not give. Being you is enough. Your you is always seeking growth, education, and insights but it is an accessory to “you” the one & only you! Like you go to get a few items to accent an outfit? Well in this, your DNA, the essence of you is beautifully & wonderfully made. When this DNA is checked you see the physical but it cannot measure this strength I am referring to but it is just as unique & it can alter the physical destiny of a diagnosis. I pray I pass this empowerment, strength, peace, on to every person battling multiple incurable diseases. 

There has been documented cases of Faith changing circumstances. This is true of anyone with a positive outlook rather than negative & while it can be a massive challenge? Like using biofeedback to control blood pressure & heart rate it takes practice on a continual basis. We always have our training wheels on in this class of life A Temporary Journey.  I pray I reinforce your ride with my deeds, actions, words, & never derail you however inadvertently . While I see myself as a cog not effective in anyway without the rest of the wheel, always at the Potter’s  wheel, I could most certainly make a mess of things if I neglected to keep myself in check.