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#ISeeYou #Halloween2016

I see you. Not your invisibility, not your GP, I see you! I see the roads you have traveled. I see every bump every hiccup every little moment that is taking you from here to there. I see you!~~despite your invisibility, despite the GP -despite the motility. I see you. Every moment of every day. That has taken the turn, I see you because you are in me & I you. We are not GP, we are not a chronic illness— we are not the definition of the symptoms,treatments, anticipated outcomes we have been diagnosed with, we are still us. I, myself, and me. It’s not a Beyoncé song, it’s a life. We still have value, in fact we have more value, than when we started this journey. Your compassion (which was huge) is larger. The empathy (again already massive) we had?  It is Empathetically larger ~~~ we became more not less. I see you and you see me! Together with advocacy~~The  #Advocacy vehicle becomes the train, bus, plane, rocket, hover board everyone else begins to join us in saying “I see you.” #True #CureGP is where you,I,Me,Us,Y’all, They, We all want to be on the #Hottest ticket in/on town, city, state, parish, College,concert, party, coffee house, house party, lil get together this planet or the one next door! 

Cause #ISeeYou even with that #HalloweenCostume I still #SeeYou #Halloween2016 in the real or #Virtual #ISeeYou 

If you are hanging in day by day or moment by moment – second by second. We know these layers maybe not on your level or exact combination but we will lift you in respect – we will lift you up because we are doing versions of your #WarriorDance #GPNation will have your back. When a very Empathetically compassionate group (a lot of whom are ex-educators still wishing to be of service — Thank you Jesus!) as advocates for #IncurableIllnesses with multiple #MotilityDisorders #GP #Gastroparesis #CIPO #ColonicInertia #SBBO