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#IVoted & #CIP Sat🕯Down

#IVoted in the midst of an episode of telling myself “I think it’s getting better ” 5th day #CIPO sometimes shortened to #CIP for chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction Syndrome – it’s an average thing in motility disorder world when you have Gastroparesis, colon inertia, & mito malabsorption issues with POTS. So when I say #IVoted it is in the context of #Spoonie world & with the subtext of this lil issue which, when it gets to this level has caused me to have surgery in the past, so I have to monitor it carefully. It is not your average bout of #Constipation which is why you see #GPNation #advocate so diligently & passionately about these #MotilityDisorders & #HR2311 it affects our family, friends, future generations everyone who has a #FGIMD #IBS #CROHNS #SBBO #GASTROPARESIS ANY & all of the mild to moderate to severe of those fighting to rise above these disorders and the autoimmune diseases which often accompany them. We #advocate for the #awareness for #Diabetes #Gastroparesis which is the origin for or cause of the #GP but still creates the same havoc on the body systems. Many deal with migraines on a continual basis aggravated by #Dehydration none of these issues are an “always or everyone” the disease varies greatly even though you will see similarities of symptoms. It is just another complexity of the disease that it will change its face from time to time on the person living with it. One week’s safe food becomes week it’s constipation then it’s diarrhea. I describe all of of this to put you in the shoes of a person living with this disease. With the reminder “just because you can put something in your mouth? Does not mean you will not pay the price for doing it with a broken or malfunctioned digestive tract.” When you are starving – literally – you will make mistakes. You will give in & do the thing you know you shouldn’t but still need to do to survive –eat. #IVoted today but it was not an easy task as it may appear. The outside does not tell the story of the inside. There are many #GPWarriors doing so much more than I! They are raising small children, supporting their family by working. #Iseeyou #I was fired twice trying. God bless all who are still trying & managing. I pray everyday with each moment we advocate all see our #GPNation their strength, dignity, Grace, tenacity, resourcefulness, complete utter dedication to each other. We want those who are falling between the cracks, seeing closed doors, being given incorrect information to lessen. Because  the old adage “misery loves company” it is easy to hear complaints & negativity..  Unless you made it a choice to adjust your outlook or were born with the fingers in earsability with a delete button allowing you to go forward without baggage or old, new words. I can hold my prayers without the incidentals.  But there are a lot of instances of service with complete unselfishness. A great deal of behind the scenes quiet lifting & uplifting .”Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Maimonides”

When you see & know how good it feels? Being a cog means you listen, with an ear for a goal that has an obstacle, an area which needs help not monetarily, but a contact to allow them to be who they are as the phrase goes, with a determination to take the barriers & crooked ways out of the journey. Shooshing all traces angst, disturbance, ill will, & anger out of any area exposed to any person – it is toxic waste to a comprised immune system & if it isn’t comprised? Exposed to this long enough? It will be comprised from it’s toxicity. 

Those who awake each day & look for all the good you can do? Then you try to find who you add a lil support to everyone you can? #ISeeYou I know y’all are doing all you can, as often as you can. I appreciate every single one of you who #Advocate While trying to keep your head above water <3
 #It needs no clarification. #ISeeYou #Optimism #Hope #Kindness #Love #Patience #Peace #Faith