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November 1999

How to use your thoughts of #Optimism #Positivity #Hope to keep #ChronicIllness #MotilityDisorders like #Gastroparesis #ChronicIntestinalPseudoObstruction #ColonInertia #MitochondrialMalabsorption from defining you or more importantly making you more miserable than you need to be. I began my infusion therapies during this time of the year in 1999 But Dr Abell gave me a tool to go along with a God given gift of peace, patience & (from my Dad) optimism. Dr Abell gave me training in biofeedback. I had a very hard time with the part of the training, which required you to raise your blood pressure & hold it for ____minutes. We gradually increased the time of holding the blood pressure up & then down as my sessions went on. At first, I had trouble with the “up” — I had to get “angry” I do not live in negativity- never have – never will. Negative emotions affect your body physically. Heart, lungs, hormones, cellular level, etc. it has been studied and proven — by numerous methods. The astronauts who used & developed the biofeedback methods – training had to normalize their body functions in a no gravity atmosphere. 

When I went to my first Thanksgiving dinner with my PICC line it was with the knowledge I was forever changed. When I missed my grandson’s birth I knew I was making adjustments & I would get my bearings. To this day I celebrate my family not my lack of ability to eat what others cannot. Nope it is not always easy but it is okay. I know things would be worse with bitterness, anger, & sadness.My disease would be worse. So I went forward in my truth and I pray that anyone finding themselves diagnosed with one of these diseases chooses to celebrate their loved ones or friend’s health & what is still good in their lives. I have found it to be a better journey. Anger is like wearing a coat filled with pins & razors all the edges just keep cutting you & anyone close to you. Whereas peace, joy, positivity, laughter, is contagious as well as healing. 


I am adding one more positive uplifting movement I just saw online & I will probably add more as I find them. We need sources of positive uplifting strength to confirm & create the hormones in our brains which help our immune system. The Handsfree Revolution