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Happy Thanksgiving! Because all of you are with all of me I want to share a memory. They say a picture is worth 1000 words or perhaps a  million I wouldn’t know but what I do you know, all of you are with all of me. #GPNation meaning gastroparesis a motility disorder. In the United States of America there are approximately 5 million #5MillionGPStrong living with motility disorders like gastroparesis, IBS, Crohn’s, #SIBO OR #SBBO, #CIP,Or #CIPO, Or a number of other motility disorder’s which are misdiagnosed, have no/few successful treatments, few if any motility specialist in their area or even their state to treat them, or effective research and gathering of research and passing it along to serve those living with these incurable diseases.

The bill which is “our” Motility disorder Bill HR2311 would provide for centers of excellence and research. It is sitting in a committee in the United States of America house of representatives it requires more cosponsors to get it out of committee. Then it would require all of the necessary steps to move it along through our current congressional process to have it then land on our president’s desk to be signed and passed there by stopping the needless suffering, starving, complications multiple diagnoses, feeding tube, IV nutrition through TPN, and a revolving door of hospitalizations, procedures, and the on and on needless earth suffering and in many cases leaving through these years of dehydration and malnutrition to death. Wow this population may seem small in numbers we don’t allow torturing the United States of America and our patient population in the motility disorder community is suffering in a way that we would not allow in any circumstances in Amy other small population. Whether it be in prison, or in another country under the flag of the United States of America. 

While we give thanks for all your many blessings on this beautiful Thanksgiving day and we stay in a very positive and Blessed state of mind we don’t forget our advocacy at any given point, it is always on our minds, because it is this advocacy and her/his voice that will lead us to being seen and heard.

#AllOfYou #AllofMe the pic using the #ArtEffect app is showing you a few key things on this blessed day. Mug, sipping, able to because of meds, (in pic antiemetic- nausea meds) hat a given on any day – find your lil thing that is “your thing” & share cause we all need to play & find outward ways to express our truth – we are NOT our disease! 

You will also otice the hand up? What I have not shared is the heirloom & current to NGOs I wear are on a finger with its tip missing because I was such a Daddy’s girl I did everything he did, I “helped” with everything. An old spray painting machine apparently had a fan motor inside & in went my hand. It happened very fast they said. I was very young & have no memory of this but I will also share .. I delete negativity or “bad” hurtful things. I always have it has been & always will – I suppose be my coping tool. I have an internal delete button it began long before I ever had “a thought or plan” it is a part of me. 

As I said #AllOfMe is #AllOfYou no games, no pretense nor a need to go dipping into a pool of negativity when I can choose the #PeaceBoat ​