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How did I know? 

Your fingerprint told me so. 

It said, “She/He is THE ONE!” 

The best at all she/he does in all she/he does when moving through life as herself/himself, she/he wins- won! 

You say, “Insufficient evidence?” I say, “Oh no, it is not my Dear one! There is DNA  –it is only possessed by one!”  

Well, you are inclined to think that is so menial of mind? Well I assure you it is at the core of our humanity & what it means to respect, empathize, lift-up, love, & eliminate the need to judge others for not being the cookie cutters of humanity. Yet they in actuality are truer than true to their one-of-a-kind self. 

This one beautiful self-respecting concept leads us closer to one-love of our entire human family -village. Away from pernicious hateful speech. Saying someone looks this or that. I am not perfect – it is a task to break “the norms” of society & truly listen, look, & hear — without judgement. Do you miss out on speaking, meeting, & interacting with the most beautiful uniquely interesting enlightened individual because they had too many piercings, the wrong color hair or too many tattoos? I took the obvious example but let’s take the opposite end of the spectrum… Do you pass, because they have no make-up, hair is utterly plain, driving a Porsche, in a black $800 suit, & is answering their own questions (no they do not appear to be on an earbud or phone)? We make instantaneous judgements. Don’t we? 

If people travel in groups, we apply stereotypes, whether they are based in truth or not. But if we begin to show value for each & every person’s “only one you” status – along with its potential to shutdown its twin hate/stereotyping/judgement we begin to moment by moment- act by act change our world with love, peace, & compassionate wisdom. 

We begin to shine a light on each and everyone in our world because we are cheerleaders & motivators. Not Haters. No time for negativity, pessimistic, or etc. 

Advocacy, Awareness, is the journey which brought out my continual prayer, meditation, & growth towards being a better person – myself. To therefore be the cog which helps hold a mirror up (not to see me) but so others see themselves. Then they see how, Strong, beautiful, kind, & necessary they are in this journey of life. I do not lie. I just reflect back the truth of every individual & their DNA & fingerprints. This is How.  In this thought, “I am not original” it is as old as time. We just have the technology to back us up now. It is even on some of our devices now. Only your fingerprint can open your device. Only YOU!  

Here are some of meditational quotes / images I used today. May you be blessed by love, peace, comfort, & joy. 
We know we are not going to just sit there but #Advocate, #CureGP #TakeABite4GP the campaign about empathy those who can do -those who can -still do a lil bit take a lil bite, & those who cannot? They show what they do instead.