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And we say #HonorShip

I said, “Of course! I can in the true folly of pain (because my fanny fakes led me astray from the path I had diligently obligated myself to take every day in every way). But old dog new tricks seems to be literal except I do my very best to veer into the unknown. Living there is acknowledging reality of no safety net of physical source, nor is there a real lan which can be a follow through, (can you imagine the work it takes to readjust your life when you were all about 10 minutes early for everything, never cancelling, always keeping your obligations & appointments, always can be counted upon to be where you say you will be & never have to reschedule! — compared to this, barely there, on the verge of late or late, rescheduling is your middle name, never dependable except as being undepenble, cancel, reschedule, Queen of shifting.Truly disliking this aspect of this disease… It shows disrespect to be late or cancel at the last minute or day of an appointment– which is all the warning I get – awakened at 1-2-3am with a migraine, nausea, vomiting if I dare to move… For anything)

 Happy #ThankfulThursday! It has been a moment since we sent certificates – While looking for a way to include everyone & say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year,Happy Hannukah, Happy Prayers, Soltice, Happy Kwanza! Happy Peaceful & say at the same time how very very appreciated & loved each of you are? This seemed the best way… Sorry slow seems to be my speed of late! 

It is not a certificate but #HonorShip we want to honor, award y’all with a certificate of deep appreciation for the support, advocacy, + everything else you do to honor, help, be friends, sisters, brothers, comrades, buddies, empathetic hand across the miles through space & time to help our #GPNation feel the love & support  which is just a few taps away android, iPad, PC, iphone, etc…🌞😊👬👫👭👭👫👬👭👫👬✨🙏🏼😊💜💚❤️🌞😀💙