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How we found a way to turn up the volume on a lil cheer, laughter, & happiness! While brain storming about how we (meaning a lot of a community facing many #ChronicIllnesses) can use the lil Santa Elf to (who was patiently waiting in Hobby Lobby ) spread happiness by paying a visit to as many #MotilityDisorder abodes as possible!!! She is such a cutie Patootie! You cannot help but smile & send your love & smiles onto the next #GPNation member she gets into her mobile home chariots over to the next abode & so & so on& … Yes and in the meantime without any limits whatsoever virtually #GPElfie can go & do anything your imagination allows. 

As I said she is beyond adorable ❤️💚 #GPElfie Abiggaile = A Big Gastroparesis Advocacy in Love Elfie 

                                                                                               A Big Gastroparesis – > Abigg– Advocacy in Love Elfie –> aile