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Closing 2016 Opening 2017 

How we close 2016 & open the Gift of 2017 even when we have moments we must overcome living with #ChronicIllness as we in #GPNation  all seek each day to live in our very real diagnosis #MotilityDisorders often accompanied by #AutoimmuneDisorders and with the many support groups allowing us to share, vent, uplift,educate, encourage each other  it has changed the way we are able to manage our diagnosis. The advent paradigm shift of support/advocacy is so very empowering and a change agent for so many #IncurableIllnesses While we live our daily lives of course we need to speak our truth but positive optimistic diverse lives literally changes our brain & hormones allowing our bodies to feel less pain (and this effects both our head & stomach brain) and it also creates a body with cells better equipped to ward off disease- which is priceless when our immune system is already weakened. 

As a child, I watched my parents intently and listened to their “life stories.” My dad, from very humble beginnings and stuttered as a child (he carried coal on his back to help bring money into his family) won his high schooll’s oratory & debate team award. He went on to graduate from pharmacy school in Memphis TN (Where he met my Mom) the book I show below was when I was 5 & my Mom wrote her name in all her books in green (now if you see the world as I do? #Green4GP you see God’s Hand – if you do not ? That is just fine I am perfectly fine to agree to disagree- I always have been) What Men Live By …By Leo Tolstoy It is a beautiful book based on Matthew 25:35-40 he wrote in the 19th century . I also have a picture of me holding a miniature rose with ribbons won looking sad – I wasn’t sad – I was tired. Rose shows start very early. Both my Mom & Dad would go on to be judges & Dad would hyberdize a miniature rose named lil Debbie after me. While he went back for his Doctorate of pharmacology. This too has given me an insight while traversing these diseases- as I was truly his shadow. It would be years later before I understood, like a Rosebud itself slowly opening- My Dad was doing the DANCE -Life   Like there was no tomorrow- My Mom supported & Loved him -They had a great love story. She never truly understood, no matter how many times I told her,she was so very lovely, smart & loved as My Dad because He was such a bright light but I think now since you are with him in Heaven – finally reunited in that perfect love – you know all I told you is true- Heaven must reveal Where Love Is — like Tolstoy wrote inspired by God. 

So as we close 2016, go into 2017, I pray we too spread words of kindness positivity, optimism, Grace, Love, everything we would wish for to make a day go easier on our darkest most painful day. 

When we use a therapy from meditation, biofeedback, prayer, speaking to a friend to lift us out of ourselves we know we see our world differently – it can be altered by positive genuine goodness. It may not be as entertaining as say a Jerry Springer Show but its benefits outlasts its true longterm peace upon our hearts & minds.