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Mostly we need Love 

I am the things you cannot see the losing side of you or me 

I am not the nobody nor the somebody I am the thing that lives inside of perhaps you and me

I perhaps took a road not traveled by the one that you can see whether it is Gp or another it is not for you to say

 Unless you’re walking in the shoes? You cannot say, even with the same words? Gastroparesis-GPis not the same every day for you or me -it is different every single day!

Trying to tell me the facts of another- when you are not in their shoes, not knowing what you are in your own body?What it will do to you from one moment to another?  Then trying to describe someone else’s pain because you think you know their internal mapping or game plan. 

Do you not speak to me as if you know the things that cannot be explained because this walk is one of great difficulty and if you did not learn to not judge or throw stones in a glass house then I will pray for your strength and compassion empathy and enlightenment on this very very  waning day

As we close the door on one year and open on the next I pray that the words we say do not inflict pain

Nor act as if others do not know what they are experiencing

Living in the space that is called motive that is God’s business not for a mere mortal and even if you do not look upon God’s voice our heart our sound and think of things as only earthly bound still you cannot go into the part of a person

That is their heart and soul so let us go put this year to bed and then awaken to a new day filled with grace

What kind of grace /that brings awareness and advocacy. We are not the world’s police whether it be a country or a community what we are is filled with grace and compassionate empathy and if someone is faking something or pretending something that in itself is an issue of a magnitude in which we are not to intrude

Breaking spirits or breaking bones they are not so very different (except bones have a time frame & road map to a healing process ) so let us take this day and give it to a beautiful understanding, kindness, which gives grace to ourselves and others

Through this our actions can  lead to become larger not smaller

We get the happy dance for those who have success and good news- then we just do the salad prayers for those who struggle lived out who we can reach out and help anyone  push forward -fast-forward to anyone who needs a hand to go forward

These actions speak of kindness goodness gentleness love patience and goodwill. Little peons and cogs don’t have to be the star nor the Chi we know that it takes all of us to get where we’re going and we can have a dance for every body and turn the wheel because the potter is making a beautiful object and that object will eventually get #CureGP our artifacts will still have the sheen of a purified priceless gem it never becomes less only more as well silver & gold! 

Make new friends but keep the old and then always have your saphire because it is your foundation.  

The somebody is never ever a nobody. We are perhaps indeed hosting Angels unaware due to Grace having not really giving any true specifics about His chosen winged deciples except in Love they serve -So I think should we leaving judgement to perfection/ not an attribute any human being can lay claim to.