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Dance vs Complain

We gave you ugly and you see beauty, are you crazy? 

No, not Us! 

Your life is in shambles to an onlooker even some say “a prison.” Still you say a “sanctuary,?” Me thinks your marbles have escaped your Royal Crown, infused bag of “natural” substances. Saying “all is well or referring to yourself as “iamokaynow” me thinks you are slightly “touched. 

That or we shall begin to question you, or your reality (you see those without an ability to see things from their grounded shoes and lose their “dance” in the midst of great fear or pain speak from a place of questionable accusations, negativity, pessimism and then it spreads like feathers in the movie “Doubt”  

These words/feathers are very hard to gather back together and we, if touched by these very deceptive looking pure white feathers, are very very tempted to spread them along with their occurrence just like gossip and accusations… 

There is no energy for these things, my response to “dance” with joy, love, patience, goodwill, faith, etc never ever (once understanding, learning blooms in your heart and soul ) dance with all-encompassing drain sucking toxicity of negative pessimistic roller coaster 

See, living with GP or any other Chronic Illness (limited spoons) who comes to realize their battles must be chosen wisely. Then steer clear of all things creating anything remotely looking like a “Jerry Springer Show/MauryPovich” my apologies if this is your “guilty pleasure it is my metaphor – not a slam for someone’s personal choices ” 

When we say we do our very best to leave all things alone which are out of our hands? We do! It has been a well earned, studied, prayed, meditated, sought journey. I was blessed by being given,as a child, the teachings and example of God’s love. It was not only scripture but- as my Dad’s shadow – it was sooooo very very loud! Then my parent’s together was like having dessert with a cherry on top. Mom had a so many gifts and was so very sensitive and absolutely brilliant! My Dad was one of those rare people that changed the atmosphere of the room.  My oldest son has been given this gift as well without ever having met his grandfather? His community service and desire to make a difference along with truly gifted leadership skills – my younger son looks so much like my Dad and received his photographic memory.. Then my Daughter achieved the goal my Mom once wanted to achieve as a Pschologist. There  is genetic DNA & a Spiritual Familal Genetic DNA things from other generations – you might fulfill that you never knew was their goals yet it is there. I believe GodWinks at us quietly just to gently remind us, yes, always there is more than you see and feel physically! 

I say all this to say my innate God given gifts are peace & patience. I can apply the patience to help others -who wish to have peace in their lives. Yet, I can only hold that peace so long before it begins to effect me physically, if there is not  Peace. Because there is a cause and effect to sitting in negativity & pessimism and it is played out on & in your physical body. So, when you see me smiling giving back optimistic positivity it is not because everything is perfect but I most certainly believe speaking what we wish to see & I do not to put toxicity into our community! I will tell you the truth but not in a way to bring you down or feel bad – I sincerely hope and pray every single day. 

Yes, we have to say what is going on for advocacy. So, the real is seen, heard, felt, and empathized. But this is the beauty of our #GPNation fighting through malnutrition, dehydration, pain, multiple diagnosed motility diseases, autoimmune disease disorders, migraines, mitochondria malabsorption,POTS, and many other #IncurableIllnesses our family sees the needs & one addresses this area another does this, and another this .. (No we are not perfect by any means – a lot of growing pains) but as we all find our cog parts – This team of advocacy, support, uplifting… Is dignified, magnificioso, fabulousity on every single day of the week. 

#MotilityMonday #MoveItMoveIt

#TubieTuesday #TPNTuesday



#FactFriday #Green4GP 



We know we had the amazing moment of having our Awareness added to the National Health Observances Calendar 

If we wanted to go all in? We could add a tag to each month August is easy #AwarenessAugust can you do January? See every moment thought is a way to do a spin for good, Awareness, empowerment of ourselves & others. 

Taking positivity & optimism together can help create creativity! 

Discord another platform for support! ( Gamers may be familiar with this platform) 
All are welcome who wish to have support on another platform with group texts/voice/pics & in this year – according to @discord more features We are learning as we go – so far we know we have one member that is a gamer familiar with the plarform – yay! 

Nope, not crazy just visualizing a #PeaceBoat and using the #OptimisticCreed along with #Beatitudes #FourAgreements and many other old friends #Shakespeare #EdnaStVincentMillay #CorrietenBoom .. 

Again I reply Goodness, Kindness, Silence, Peace, Love these things always hold true

Galatians 5:22-23English Standard Version (ESV)

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.

 — unconditional love is on the still waters of #PeaceBeStill even if it is made to hurl down a raging waterfall of great heights? All is well! you baptized me in a lesson to never walk /row your way and love extended will enjoy your beauty- whilst I once enjoy the rapids the time has passed – now all streams/roads lead to still/peaceful nonrollercoasrer actions. Then if anther dip into activity or river swirl is encountered? Lesson: God has the oars and the boat my responsibility is to not drive, row, jump, or manage to  get myself in this situation. There is not a lack of clarity in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness,self-control.