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#Green4GP #FactFriday I am so excited when it snows! (Even though it makes me utterly miserable) I have so many wonderful memories and the child part of me visualizes (with a few tears) the sleigh, both as a child, with my brothers, my Dad & Mom sometimes with some of the best Uncle (hint Uncle Jimmy / sorry just a lil favoritism) or an Aunt (Again lil favoritism Aunt Mary) the photos from Memephis TN when I was just a thought or ever so small! These past weeks have been eye opening. My name unlike my brothers was taken & chosen by my Dad (so the story goes in part ) because of his fondness of the actress Debbie Reynolds it was then of course formalized with my parents input in a Christian scripture foundation as well. So as I now choose Deb (having gone through my “Debbie” years/because of the unique spelling of Debora no one ever pronounces it right…plus if I heard my full name I was in deep trouble! ) this spelling though is as it should be it reinforces the truth we speak there is only one you and if you keep walking your path, being true to you? Then there is not a duplication that can be done because no one will ever be able step into your DNA one of a kind fingerprints. It is as it should be and for every person courageous enough to step out of the cookie cutter and be their one and only? We must be the cheerleaders the ones saying “good for you!” God Bless! Not questioning nor judging because the moment we do? We have put on the wrong pair of shoes. They can always be exchanged, altered, taken off, taken back to wherever they came from … Waiting for a “good for you” cause you need one too! We all do! Grace Kindness Love 

The Greatest of these!