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Just a minute #GP

She is not kind, GP, irrespective of time,day,importance, nor the beloved nature of our interaction? She cannot find a way to compromise with me. She acts as though every moment, group, event is under her control. She can be delusional while appearing thoughtful yet teaches even in the midst of destruction. We can find the way to go beyond you, GP, because we know we do not compete with you nor can you take our identity, GP. No matter, how you try to persevere against our family, positivity, optimistim, GP? You lose because, GP, you made all these attributes stronger! GP, we learned to go so high and be so true to ourselves. …There could never be a, GP, over anyone of us – you nor me. #GPNation is a Family -Community Patient/Advocates #GPReporters #GPBrothers_Sisters Non-Profits, Organizations,  #GPFacilitators , support teams all moving in a direction to further treatments, research, quality of care, and ultimately #CureGP –whether  they ever actually speak or contact each other or are working on projects together, we know the steps – the shoes our fellow #Warriors are taking #GP Therefore it is with this simple hashtag #GPNation — We say – We are a strong compassionate, Empathetically, positive, optimistic, unified force a #GPNation 

(I know I used a feminine pronoun and it could have been masculine.. It was a choice.. I also made the choice to not she/he for the flow of writing.. I think Grace will understand GP might not cause that is how she rolls but Grace will!❤️)