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Bridge or Wall 

Bridges or walls? Which are you? Personally? & philosophically? 

During the times we are living in – these 6 dimensional lives of social- physical- emotional- spiritual- – financial- relationships and all of their tangentially created margin related issues. We must think about our actions not just be sheeples & live in a tribal mode without thought because we live in the grey areas not black nor white. Inside of these areas we bring ourselves our own amazingly true one-of-a-kindness creating the color otherwise everything is truly grey. 

Are you a wall or a bridge? If a wall is needed why? What is the historical context of walls? Say the Berlin Wall with the famous “Tear down this wall, Mr Gorbachev!” President Ronald Reagan was this wall historically beneficial? The Great Wall of China? The non- existent wall between Canada & the USA . When I ponder these facts in context to America? It feels like a bridge issue not a wall. 

Maybe I come to this conclusion because I am a bridge. And taking into account how well mutual respect works with Canada and our Northern border? I think we would benefit from some reflection about how our Southern border is reagrded within its historical context & cultural heritage- sometimes the uncomfortable truth is hidden behind rhetoric & the intense need of a 15 billion dollar wall with a  biggggg beautiful door – when we might really need a big beautiful honest conversation not part of a game steeped in disrespect. 

Conversations, actions, and communication focused on mutual goals? Like we focus on #CureGP need bridges not walls – with bridges we get to the goal. Roadblocks/walls of any kind are a detriment to true progress.