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Advocacy #CureGP #Free

A #GPReporter #MotilityMonday thought lesson 
It is laid bare – swiftly so swiftly does this wave come for us, 

We are prepared! We did not sit idly by! 

No! Not I Myself and I – 

#GPNation Millions  of us in countless layered multi-Dx’d  asking telling shouting screaming whispering tapping challenging advocating patients relatives friends – we have come one & all – you can’t divide #CureGP 

Even in the midst of our worst day – A #GPReporter will – between spasms of pain or dry heaves- or throwing up green bile – because our motility rate has bile acid rolling — educating in an ER or appt. or whoever wherever whichever place need be with calm, respectful, thoughtful, educational logic– at least our best at any given moment along with a typed sheet at ALL TIMES — our GP FOG rolls in or any other chronic issue like migraines rendering us –noncommunative… Vulnerable– 

But still a #GPReporter in this wave of #GPevaluation moment we learn a valuable two-part lesson choose your battles & only engage/communicate when you have restored your energy “basket- well- storehouse” GPFog & Zero Energy is like trying to make an egg sandwich of thoughts without eggs… Remember the old commercial, with the powerful graphics “This is your brain on drugs?” #GPReporters get busy with the graphics!! We must be seen & heard to be understood. 

So as I speak to both audiences — those we need to understand? & the one helping us to be understood? Be prepared, to be united for #Advocacy &#Awareness cause it isn’t cool at  ALL to be literally & physically  Starving  due to a lack of understanding with weight gain– & The biology-IS NOT UNDERSTOOD Being OVERWEIGHT  & IN STARVATION <<<– IS A TRUTH!!! 


1) it may not digest from the stomach or it may go through too quickly

2) your nutrients may not absorb as they should from the small intestine. Or they may at a rate which is slowly creating problems but they seem ok 

3) the large intestine (colon) “is nervous. ” doctors say “don’t worry about that. That is completely normal for women to experience this type of constipation.” But of course it wasn’t .

4) #CureGP #advocacy  #Support #Vitamix their donor program & refurbished blenders made an avenue Many had pursued possible.  So many in #CureGP seek every glimpse of light Hope, mercy, Grace, fighting this disease.. With this in mind We try very diligently to keep open minds & hearts to Healing & Grace. While at the same time keeping protection around those at the moment in their lives. We have stood/stand (with years of wisdom still seeking God’sGrace) I feel we must be cautious in attaching cost to what might be freely attained Blessings to the millions ..As the refurbished Donar blenders from Vitamix are free to those who qualify. We gather to share our recipes in the #GPVitamixers — We would throw out anyone who decided to bind and sell or charge for what we do as a group to help each other. Advocacy #CureGP #Free it is tooooo expensive trying to stay alive to thrive! We really don’t need to constantly have to watch out for those scamming for money. #GP is costly #Advocacy should be about reversing this story and making it love your neighbor as your self. I wouldn’t charge my Mama for stuff that appears to be things working if the GP is mild- and please know – we happy dance for success!  It doesn’t even haven’t to be GP related success- So we happy Dance! But selling things like bottled sunshine & calling it yesterday’s yellow warmth… Nah to the nah to The nah nah nah. Nah.. No Mam No Sirreee … We do not roll this away. 

Do you see why? We are helping each other! Not finding a way “get rich” like some of the prescription companies do.. Then they ease their consciousness by saying they have to recoup the cost of research & development for the drug being brought to market. 

DO YOU SEE? We are not making a profit by selling what should be free!!! If you have an incurable disease and have made friendships _ which I believe will benefit from the information — then share it! I deeply believe in the properties of miso soup!  Am I marketing & selling miso  for. #GP & #Mito & #Constipation I will not be sending anyone a bill about choosing the yellow miso… & its properties.  & the lovely new “Lemon Greek parfait via #GPPieFaceChallenge aka #GPFacial” free of charge – no training camp.. 

***BREAKING NEWS #GPReporting fresh #GPHotPockets #FatFreeGlutenFreeSugarfreeNoCalALLTruth2Power 4 #CureGP  so maybe we can #TakeABite4GP ourselves something #GPJuicy  #GPReporting  we will show & help where & when we can #GPLifeIsLikeABoxOfChocolates. #GPLifeIsLikeABoxOfChocolates Event 

#CureGP with #GPNation in #Advocacy #Awareness #Unconditional #Support of those with  #Gastroparesis a #MotilityDisorder of millions is our Uniting #MotivationalMonday #MotilityMonday 

We were #Thankful on Sunday to get to Monday — we can always agree to disagree if this thought didn’t go well with you today. Be Blessed today comfort , strength, & Grace with  Love ❤️