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Bugs and Stars 

                      BUGS AND STARS 
My love comes to you even when I cannot

It stands, sits, walks within you

Breathe hard I am sure my love can be felt


Lives rock along so busy

Sometimes too busy to talk

Feelings linger in hearts and minds needing comfort
Sometimes you talk to the angels 

A piece of you is me 

& Me you

What you see, I see

Bugs & stars 

Whether near or far

Fly and sit high in the sky

When you see that little lady bug

When I sit under that big night sky
Holding a love for you that the Big Dipper couldn’t hold

So, you might be at the same time under the same sky. 

Thinking, I hope with a knowledge of how loved and treasured you are 

That the angels lit up the whole sky to remind you every night! 

Here I sit with 

Stars shining brightly

More love in my heart, than it seems to be able to hold
I hope my loved ones know

What they see 

What they feel

Without being told

Is like bugs and stars 

So many and just there 

Everywhere forever and for always!

So many times in one day

I couldn’t begin to count 

Of a love 


I think of bugs and stars 

What you see, I see