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#MotilityMonday #BeeCalm

On this #MotilityMonday with #CureGP & #Advocacy for millions of incurables with  #Gastroparesis a #MotilityDisorder in #USA a Bill awaits its renewal into committee it will require our #GPReporters to let our congressional representatives know how we feel about this bill & its contents- what it means to our incurable illness community & the lives which could be saved in #USA THUS as well affecting lives #Worldwide.

Being the #BeAllYouCanBeeeee to counter effect those whom have veered from their path due to #GP & it’s Wiley ways. You may find yourself becoming a different version of a unique you. Not a negative impact- you are in some ways like in advance excel class & if you are in prayer/intercession/research/ you have a moment to take the crisis -opportunity and suddenly the world presents itself as the “peace that passeth all understanding ” & words which could not break the #GPFog barriers #BattaBingBattaBoom #JackPot! Everything is crystal clear and you know it isn’t because you have nutrients or have had a brain transplant. When you are past the shock and realization of diagnosis then with whatever techniques you are utilizing like biofeedback & you have hone through at least one psychological exam- yes a lot of us have had to be deemed “ok.” If you took this “crisis & opportunity ” welcomed it with the knowledge it would be documented proof for future reference if other doctor’s came to a dead end again & decided you were crazy due to their lack of answers ? It would be nice to have the documented psychological exam. 

Whether this growth is productive & positive depends on your journey (my path with prayer & God may not be your path , Your emotional, psychological, spiritual input & output with a deliberative focus and  exercise development of this aspect of you & me is of great importance during this period of our lives. As we are greatly limited in our real input & output physically with varying outcomes from person to person living with motility disorders. A person’s esophageal spasms may have them feeling as if they are having a heart attach, acid reflux burning, their stomach with epigastric pain/neuropathy along with slow motility creating a great deal of pain because your input is not moving— along with this our 7 inches (colectomy done in 2001) is backed up into the small intestine creating pain – how do you know this? After two surgical obstructions 2003, 2015, the pain which occurs with this scenario is unmistakable and it is a combination of hydration, linzess, stool softners, repeat & try to not do anything to aggravate the situation.. 

Why break this down? — #MotilityMonday #GPReport #WeSeeYou #WeHearYou #YouAreNotAlone 

#Gastroparesis #ChronicIntestinalPseudoObstructionalSyndrome –>  #CIP #ColonicInertia #MitochondrialMalabsorption 

#CureGP #MitoCure 

Multiple layered diagnosis with malnutrition-dehydration-fatigue-pain-Your voices – *Congressional Representatives*  115th Congress 

*A tip to ourselves & Others — we are relatively new to the advocacy scene & we are doing it our own way. 

*We are not a Non-Profit – but are working with well established deeply respected Advocates-Non-Profits

*We are also creating a new path with being #GPFacilitators connections of advocacy & those who are deeply passionate about creating a pathway for change. 

*** BeeCalm **Spoon Check **Spoon Check** **BeeCalm***

If you find yourself headed towards a “drama” moment? Do a “spoon check” energy is precious cleanup takes time & energy <3 

 There has been an infection of dedicated focus goal oriented positive optimistic movement  if we become side-Tracked Therefore #BeeCalm #PeaceBeStill #KeepSwimming when the Deep calls to the Deep!? 3 to 300 all is the same in the #PeaceBoat 

leading to there but for the Grace of God go I – Do unto others as You Would have done unto you. We need a Spoon check -Spoon check – too Many spoons to stir up drama? Getting the too many chefs out of the kitchen metaphor won’t work! So we must always be vigilant & protectively cautious of those stirring creating a hornets nest creating stings-which in some cases forever leave a scar on a heart. There can be healing & forgiveness- still there will be a scar.. We must guard -protect- keep to the watchtower over that which we care so deeply. Love is Patient.

 Love is never rude, it is kind, 

Love is not jealous, filled with pride, it does not boast nor brag Love is truthful -it rejoices in the success of others 

Love/Faith is the source of a Warrior their belief, hope, not easily provoked she walks with Faith,Hope, and Love — yes the greatest of these is Love. <3