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#FactFriday #Green4GP #CureGP #Gastroparesis a #MotilityDisorder of millions . This is the story which does not need to stay in “Vegus” VAGUS NERVE 

Especially on the days where we are on #GPMigraineBlackout! I could elaborate quite a bit on the details of this “black-out” to persevere for our advocacy but snippets of “I am a lil teapot – not -yet stout- but tough – indeed -we got it in spades ” it’s a “FullHouse -Flush -Aces Down -Texas HoldEm’ ” “PokerFace ” cause these faces #ButYouDontLookSick could beat the house any day of the week! We need the opposite of “What happens in Vegus.. Stays in VAGUS. ( I.e. Treatments new & understanding what can go wrong with the two running from each side of the body from brain stem through the neck to the abdomen – the neuro stimulation devices being researched, improved, and already being used in reference to RA & inflammation has a correlation to inflammation in Motility issues & their symptoms- new research showing relief from swelling, joint pain, & significant reduction in inflammatory cytokines- which breaks the cycle of inflammation- which could give the expectation of this technique will prevent disease progression.!” Let’s light up the sky with a GAGA Style gala of lil monsters in revealing #GPMonsters #GP – #Gastroparesis a #MotilityDisorder of millions Fighting for A Change in accord whether on @discord @facebook @twitter @instagram @tumbler blogs/websites resources 

We lay out the cards on #FactFriday with #Green4GP #GPReporters undaunted by adversity at any level. Choosing our battles wisely #Spoons can be depleted in the blink of the eye or thought Grace to ourselves & others ❤️🍀❤️✨✨✨


Information from an Arthritis Today March April 2017 on Vagus Nerve Stimulation published by the Arthritis Foundation