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I open the day as if it were a package, brand new. 

The slate of a chalkboard (all teachers prior to wipe-off, dust free chalk, chalk even before this– I digress–  please excuse the innate inclination to explain then explain my explanation,,,sigh) Teachers know the beauty of a wonderfully prepped canvas to begin a fresh day of learning with new *insights & concepts. It tis the same for our day to day in the advocacy/support day.. 

*There are indeed days you personally need refueling due to the level of your fervor trying to keep advocacy exciting  & not repetitive – (inside insight on energy & keeping a storage of said energy for some – not all – can be a true challenge-!!!!)  The task of speaking energy =spoons . Moments of stress,called life can be exceptionally difficult creating a negative spoon situation- notice we have not touched upon physical activities– this is why you will see the positivity & optimistic references on this blog continually. It is the pathway out of a negative energy situation. At least it is for this patient /advocate & most psychology & math I have seen on the topic of negativity. I am not saying to blow unicorn bubbles but thinking about them or drawing/coloring them might lighten the situation – while resting between writing and sharing your story with your local media & congressional representatives. 

It begins as if it has no foreknowledge of any situation – it tries – do a lil free word association- feet or head up first thing? – body replies after being separated from its partner to quell nausea -with vengeance -but all is walking with God, Jesus, then the companions of forgiveness(not to be confused with total abject amnesia) … Next – pain-alive-  -energy – wisdom— techniques to manage my clean slate of Joy – no matter its package. Sometimes this package presents itself in all manner of challenges -adversity. 

The joy of this Clean Slate is perspective do you choose to begin with a blessing or a complaint? Do you do all you can, while giving yourself Grace thereby able to give it to others? The Joy of a clean slate is in this Grace I extend no judgement to you for finding your balance and if I can help along the way the it will increase my joy, if in turn you help others? Then my joy is magnified in its truest form. ((This joy ->help is teaching another to advocate for themselves.not for them but guiding them so they can then show someone else. Who can then show/teach another to advocate. ))  Almost everyone has heard “Give a person a fish you feed them for a day, teach them to fish you feed them for lifetime.” This is the best choice illustrations in many respects because advocacy is often a relay of many team partners handing off batons #AdvocacyBatons .  

We are #GPReporters you may be another kind of “Chronic” but you are not your diagnosis. What you have become in your Warrior journey in the wisdom part of this journey? Is a #PatientAdvocate laser focused on what you use your energy on, choosing your battles, deleting the things which do not need to hang around in your psyche like excess baggage. As a chronic warrior of any type your energy is easily depleted- Therefore “excess baggage of Any TYPE WHATSOEVER- UNACCEPTABLE ON ANY LEVEL”  whether it is trivial or traumatic it demeans, devalues, & delineates you from extending your life and living with the best quality of life you can achieve while finding joy each day amongst incurable illnesses. Have you begun to evaluate what needs to be quietly compassionately with dignity removed from the chalkboard frame? In accordance with your one -of- a -kind priceless, unique, briefly temporary, GoldenRule-ticket you have been given —>called —“you living your life?”
Advocacy I believe is helping others to feel the magnificioso of doing/accomplishing  success and passing this magnificioso on to others — not so much – in reference to you  doing as a help to others to watch you being successful/magnificioso/accomplished . They need their own happy dance to begin to have a true sense of the Empatheticall HAPPY DANCE . #GPReporters can become the norm of all advocacy… There  is truly no better advocacy than the patient advocates. I pray others feel the giddy Happiness of seeing advocacy unfurl & bloom like roses it is a breathtakingly beautiful type of healing unlike any prescription tier 1-4 or over the counter or holistic. I have future thoughts to share on the empathy of the journey in regard to holistic & how we should pause & think before inserting our thoughts in the newly diagnosed still trying to find their “Shiny New Package Day Way”  finding information for those with a very long chronic journey/assumptions without years of practice on their chalkboard. … Putting its information on or learning how to erase what is not uncessary or a “not your battle moment.” Another’s success is never a detriment to another – it may be confusing, but here is what I believe empathy with wisdom will clarify this confusion. I will elaborate more later.

As for today, do you need to know more? Want to addvocate? Support? So many avenues available I can give you a few on this #TubieTPNTuesday  <—GPVitamixers Facebook group sharing recipes & experiences 

Facebook to show your gifts YOU not your diagnosis

Need an uplifting moment? #Gastroparesis is mentioned on CNN in a post presidentional debate this month with Sen Bernie Sanders & Sen Ted Cruz moderates were Dana Bash & Jake Tapper on my app /device it is at 6:06 be blessed with love & peace this day.