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What I Saw in the #PatientAdvocate Community Today

Do y’all see how amazing our community is? 

I am praying y’all are seeing a similar type newsfeed, there are many I am putting in the #PeaceBoat this evening. 

The connected and crossover pieces of advocacy & support makes me so proud of what I saw today. Now do not get me wrong, I know we are not perfect, but as I sat today waiting for my palliative care Dr? I was so proud of the layers of advocacy, support, philanthropy. There are support groups for almost every aspect of the difficult twists & turns we face with these diseases. Do y’all realize it has not been that long since it was the absolute normal for the majority of us – upon being admitted or going to the ER to explain and twach the disease to the medical facility we go into- yes there are still elements of this but not near the level we were at not so long ago. We used to google our disease and not get hardly anything or a scat to nothing in response to a search. In 2006, if I queried in a support group in yahoo? At the time it was the largest I knew of online, about the gastric electrical stimulator (pacemaker) causing shocking or anything of substance – it wasn’t very productive. It is with this 20/20 view I look at the support groups, advocacy– and it may be my innate tendency to see optimism- but I do not believe this to be the case. I believe we are valuing each other as unique contributions and seeing how we truly can be the source of our own #GPReporting #MitoReporting #MigraineReporting, … See,what I am saying?.. 

We live in our bodies 24/7/365 and we are not the diagnosis, but we can be an advocate for facilitating change by being true to and honoring ourselves by being ourselves. Many of us walk with a deep faith in God, as I do, He is my strength, Grace, Peace, Patience… I can see our community holding, sending prayers, good thoughts, wishing our extended patient/advocate family love with deep empathy & respect. We never wish to push our walk onto another nor make them feel uncomfortable, it is another layer which was shining through today. 

Seeds of what we wish to be fulfilled/achieved are what we must plant in our hearts, minds, thoughts, and bodies. It is the harvest of #Cures we advocate for with tools of kindness, joy, patience, faith,love, peace, gentleness, grace, goodness for all. I believe the abundance of kind souls staying true to themselves can do anything they set their minds to do with persistence to overcome adversity of any type.