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Digestive Dreams 

Do you have digestive dreams? I do, like a person in a wheel chair? Or their limbs do not work? Our digestive tracts malfunction in many varying ways, from person to person—We cannot “see” what is going on inside & its varying stages of digestion or lack thereof, ,.. Same for the intestines. So, one dream to address #GPBrainFog was a lil device to find all the things we misplace. Next Digestive Dream: a small handheld device you could roll across our tummies and it could detect solid masses & stomach activity or lack thereof. Because sometimes obstructions do not give you a lot of warning or clarity. After going through a colectomy, and two obstructions requiring surgery? I understand & do my best to stay on top of the warning signs… But can you imagine the peace of mind this information could give for anyone dealing with this type of issue? While we fight,educate, advocate support each other on the journey for #Cures like #CureGP — our Digestive Dreams to manage our incurable illnesses & create a quality of life while advocating for cures —give hope & inspiration of that new day on our horizon.