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Picture This~~

1) You are a sink (yet still have emotions) and your plumbing is completely backed up it keeps – seeping- tiny squirts of liquid every now and then (from your bottom) but it is an implosion of stinky backed up vile smells on the sink drain side (kinda like your mouth) — if “your plumbing issues have gone too far & things are too set-up ” you have to cut off the water & replace the plumbing … Back in business in the “plumbing situation” but with the digestive tract?  There are untold variables & outcomes. Depending upon your empathy scale or your personal connection to any part of this story? You are opening your visual field as I write/tell/advocate our way through these metaphors. 

I have at times said trying to explain the degrees of nausea, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, and the tag #ButYouDontLookSick & perhaps the most onerous aspect of #Starving4ACure while being a gainer (overweight) Except for your personal support team-family(if you are blessed -not all are- ) medical team. Etc..  In every setting with a group your food or lack of food intake is analyzed .. We must gather our Grace – into an #InvisibleCloakGODSArmourShield #NoShameNoDarts through this #MammaJamma  & if you need your journey to not be sprinkled with my chosen belief path -That is fine. It is how I do my day and I am not proficient at separating the two —->especially on these low energy days. But a piece of my Grace walk~~~ is a complete peace in agreeing to disagree — we are #Advocating for #Cures & I would love to hear how your #GPReport! – #MitoReport #ChronicReport #SIBOReport #FGIMDReport #FFCReport etc… Share how you are staying inspired, motivated, hopeful, (because there truly is a great deal of reason to be extra hopeful-  a new organ the Mesentery was discovered & is being researched)  is helping you to rock out your moment to moment.

There are millions living with motility disorders –some -not all- who have had to have surgical obstructions addressed because of a digestive tract & its obstructions (chronic intestinal pseudo ObstructionSyndrome & Gastroparesis & mitochondrial malabsorption creates a situation in which —* for some – not all *—- balancing these digestive diseases daily both the “upstairs & downstairs”  is a high wire act happening on the daily. Our motility, or lack thereof, from esophagus down to the rectum — can vary from person to person with so many variables added or subtracted into each area be it the large intestine that should be  “quiet” after the colectomy in 2001. Yet obstructed again in 2003, then again in 2015,

If our diseases could be “✨seen✨” Not act all on the “down low” confusing folks so badly… Well ….here is a second metaphor…I do not think anyone walks up to a person with paralyzation-no matter the cause — and say,? “Hon, (While patting their paralyzed legs, prosthesis from losing legs in a bombing… Or on their shoulder -to guide them — because of their loss of another  situation)  my dear, if you would just transfer your diet over to a gluten free, and a group of oils as well as every holistic item available, as well as techniques, to go with special blends of oils,  supplements, and sleep in special ….  It goes on & on& on …

While I use oils, aromatherapy, I try to add the best ground herbs /as I can to the diet to aid in decreasing inflammation and increasing digestion. Would I ignore 1000’s of years of science where it seems to be the most valid?  – As well as cross-referencing all supplements with all of my prescriptions/fluids keeping me alive? — All in an effort of staying ahead of malnutrition & dehydration. Most, not all, but the majority for everything they can to to avoid using prescriptions or surgery. They try every holistic and dietary suggestions given and combine it to create their own “best method.” But if their “plumbing” or if there are parts of their intestines which are not receiving the signals to do their jobs? Then, in some cases, not all, their intestines are gradually losing its ability to function– its motility- is causing it to not work — like “the person’s leg in the wheelchair?!” 

I pray, as I do patient/advocacy giving Grace to myself & others —it creates more empathy thereby this creates the love of self of others — in this place? All things are possible. There may be a lot of quiet prayer.. But we will arrive at #Cures #CureGP #MitoCure #DiabeticCure

Do you think,  ANYONE would have asked or told #Superman “ChristopherReeves” in the days he was doing advocacy for the possibility of #Cures in #StemCellRegeneration (we are so close ) would ANYONE have EVER told him to get some holistic greens or special supplements in him? If he would do so? He would be up & walking in no time at all! No, No,No but this is being said & unfortunately the varying degrees of motility disorders & the auto immune disorders which often accompany the severe end of the spectrum are being mislead (or a misdiagnosed person has been able to achieve a healthy outcome.. Which anyone who fights daily to live? We cheer for anyone experiencing success!) by the term “Cured!”

When we tell you ->our large intestine is a large dysfunctional mess – which failed to move any of the markers in a sitz markers test after 3 days – it just stopped at the beginning  and never moved . …approximately 3 feet of plumbing holding bowel backing up in the small intestine increasing your chances of getting caught up in another motility issue small intestinal bacterial overgrowth –  everything our community has been told from the top dr’s — it becomes a maintenance situation with specific antibiotics ) it is a life threatening situation. 

The metaphors of plumbing to illustrate how our digestive tract can become an issue going down & if it is blocked it will start erupting from the build up of everything not moving. The second metaphor with external paralysis of any type? Vs The internal motility disorders which badly need Awareness still as we are moving towards our National Gastroparesis Awareness Month in August on the World Health Observance Calendar. We (#GPReporters ) seek 24/7/365 to pull back the veil of misunderstandings or confusion  associated with motility disorders. We can be overweight, painfully thin, on tube feeds, on TPN, Tubefed, with PICC, ports, liquid, semi soft diets, some able to do small portions of food, some unable to do anything by mouth but ice chips & their tube feeds, etc 

Do you see how it can be hard to live with & understand? When it is an everyday issue to deal with either constipation or diarrhea (needing depends at times via the #BigGirlPantyAdvocacy) or sometimes so bad you are manually trying to relieve constipation.  

Motility or lack thereof  when it is internal vs external is literally #Starving4ACure while doing it with our #BigGirlPantyAdvocacy