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Picture This part2

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape! According to big bad “Jim Croce” Well you wouldn’t have told the real life version of superman to eat his greens or “Do things differently to help himself!” Christopher Reeves in real life would be so proud of the work accomplished in stem cell regeneration. But I really do not think anyone would have have disconnected his ventilation & said, “You can do it! We have some special greens & oils!” Picture this: some one walking up to anyone who has a prosthesis or has any type of external issue and suggesting they have to “do something” to fix themselves. Motility issues are very hard to understand because they vary so much from person to person. The idea of comparing the digestive tract to plumbing does help illustrate this point somewhat because if you imagine your large intestine is completely backed up to the point it is backing into the small intestine … If your sink is clogged -it erupts – as does your toilet. Some of us has had parts of “paralyzed” colon -large intestine removed. When your bowels do not move toxic waste is backing up in your body – just as plumbing does. The motility disorders which cause our digestive tracts to fail to do what they should also create an in issue with absorption -meaning anything we try to put in our bodies absorb in a hit & miss manner. Imagine you are trying to unclog that massive clog in your pipes but whatever you are trying to put in the pipes is not reaching the mass inside to break it up and clear your plumbing – this us what it is like for us everyday of our lives. We swing between constipation & diarrhea. The internal issues are not understood by the greater population looking at those who have motility diseases. Why are some overweight, some so thin, some don’t look sick, why can they put food in? Some are tube fed, have PICC’s, ports, TPN, on liquid diets, semi soft, some are not.. It is the degrees & variables.. It also depends on the layers of motility disorders and autoimmune disorders accompanying those who are diagnosed. 

As I close this motility metaphor back with superman? Remember living with the GoldenRule & empathy we would give all external & internal, will help us all. If our large intestine were paralyzed legs, you could “see” if our small intestine became the lungs which required ventilation? You would “see” if our stomachs, became the arms you could not move , you would “see” We are asking you to “see” with “empathy”