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54th & Main Agape 

I found you on the corner of 54th & Main. 

There is no shame in our name nor our game! 

We are “Bossed up!” There is no “game!” We have #NoBuckets! Only Flames – So bright like the sun – you beta’ be careful or your eyes may be singed by our brilliance! 

We are winners – winners — no chicken dinners yall cause this is not about eat in’ y’all in fact – the exact opposite- 

We about shouting out loud about the facts we cannot EAT— yet we LAUGH- we dance- We SING– We ENCOURAGE – We EDUCATE – hopefully We inspire you to see us & see tell – show we see you !! Not an illness – has the illness affected us? Well by Gosh – Good Lord By Golly Miss Molly– it most certainly has but our Lamp oil has been tried… Our metal purified- the alchemy of the alchemist has put us through the fire and we are the purest of true! 

We are not bragging — oh my goodness no! We explaining the trial has been hot hued & fine tuned.. Silver & Gold has been put through the fire – now – we stand before you versions of us – still a one of a kind- just as we always were! Our own unique DNA cannot be changed dear ones! A diagnosis does not define us/ it does not change our DNA- We stand before you brighter – stronger-truer- with a deeper understanding of our own DNA . 

On the corner of 54th & Main we stand with clarity of what an AGAPE LOVE would mean in a today’s framework with all it means into truth.