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Why We Are Green

How does an incurable, invisible, chronic community keep its positive thoughts and attitude in the midst of green candles? 

Are you wondering what “green candles” symbolize? We are the first to be happy to explain our patient/advocacy for Gastroparesis a Motility Disorder fought by #GPMillions each and every day. #GPWarriors with varying states of digestive disease unable to absorb nutrients or expulse waste from our bodies due to its malfunction. Whether linked to diabetes or idiopathic-it still brings malnutrition, dehydration, and pain in varying degrees. 

We use green and yellow as our awareness colors. We put up our green candles when one of our community/family members pass. Our social media support community average approximately 10,000+ so we know.. when we see several losses in our community it is truly maginified. We are not seeing our true total losses– as heartbreaking as this truth is? It is the truth! We, as a community of advocates,  “see” all of our losses with each candle added, they do not become easier. …It is the exact opposite. 

This is also creating a green light of advocacy for so many of us. We become more determined to gather what lil energy we have, as patients ourselves, to join together & make our voices heard with #CureGP & #HR1187 in the #USA WE WILL NOT GIVE UP #NEGU