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Seeing Ourselves

Living each day with an adversity requires a depth of something more than a glance in the mirror and what it reveals to us in a two-dimensional world. “SEEING OURSELVES” requires an analysis of ourselves along with faith in something other than ourselves even when you are not dealing with incurable/invisible illnesses. We seek meaning, depth, love, answers, happiness, without drama in its simplicity yet its simplicity cries out for the depth of time past present future. This is not about a specific “religion” or “higher power” per se. No it is an intangible unseen truth undeniable in its existence and it is there no matter the words or lack of words you choose to use. “Do you see miracles in everything? or Do you not see miracles in anything?” paraphrasing Albert Einstein. We have just gone through the Easter season. Your ancestry plays a genetic/spiritual/emotional heritage in your DNA. You, me, we, make choices on how we live this heritage but it moves throughout our lives generation after generation. We can investigate with an open mind? Sometimes those miracles are right in front of you.
How many of you have been in an old farm store in the spring time? The kind which would have little bunnies, tiny baby chickens, new plants, feed for animals, a wooden floor, and numerous other items? Do you or have you experienced an old country store with a wooden floor, a barrel with glass bottled cokes or other sodas like grape or orange nestled in ice, or perhaps they are in an old red & white ice chest with coca-cola on the side? Remember when the  lil glass bottles of coke were so cold they were almost frozen with tiny slivers of ice?
The feeling of simplicity in Spring, holding dirt in your hand, feeling wood, the smell of wood, touching a small green plant, smelling the freshly open bud of a rose, a flower, the honeysuckle smell in the air, all of this is a part of how we go about “seeing ourselves.”
When you see, hear, or try to understand in the depths of your being “you are not your diagnosis” it is a part of this process of “SEEING OURSELVES.”