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Survivor Ship

My Survivor Ship

My #PeaceBoat philosophy will deeply be challenged this month because it is the first time Mother’s Day will be seeking to set sail on seas without my Mom here on Earth. Yet because my Faith sustains me along with Grace? My #PeaceBoat was a gift given long long ago.. I thought just primarily to help with these incurables/chronic illnesses. Then as a gift to help others as Patient Advocates because there is no other greater gift than being a tiny cog in a big wheel of service to others. It is part of my DNA my physical disorders is genetic as is my service. This month though will test those Grace filled lessons I lost my Dad when I was very young to this same genetic disorder which has revealed itself over time. I thought, over time, as a “Daddy’s Girl” this storm & its lessons brought strength and insight – it did. I found I am never truly alone at 15 years old and we can always agree to disagree. My Pop taught a lot with my Mom in 15 short years. But my pieces of my #SurvivorShip insights are just beginning with my Mom’s passing from this Earth but she like my Pop is never gone gone our memories & love will not allow her to be just “Gone!”
So as a testimony to how I move through our incurables/ChronicLife?
We are all on a journey to be the best we can be from moment to moment each day on an #IncurableInvisible journey as Patient_Advocates #GPReporters #ChronicReporters on #WarriorWednesday this 24/7/365 is an individual yet similar experience of millions. #CureGP #Cures is a part of our #Advocacy mission lifting, empowering, encouraging, educating, Gracefilled unconditional love & support for the caregivers as much as our fellow #Warriors. #HR1187 #USA w/its benefits upon passing going #Worldwide – >help anywhere is help everywhere. One part our world sets the bar for another place #Starving4ACure <- is not a place on a map but about #HumanBeings being compassionate and caring when seeing others unable to consume their proper nutrients & dispel toxic waste from their bodies due to broken/malfunctioning digestive tracts -- then suffering the consequences of said "brokenness." #WarriorWednesday may you be blessed (how you may ask? I am in the midst of nausea, dry heaves, or constant vomiting, a constipation or diarrhea which is a "fake" bowel movement - the "real" is not moving correctly due to this #Motility - lack thereof - in the large intestine. Also, migraines are trying to join in, .. so How am I to be blessed you ask? Picture yourself - You a #survivorship in a #PeaceBoat a proven #ChronicWarrior knowing you have built a sanctuary to move above all of these symptoms. You / have many times found the ability to become very very still and right your #SurvivorShip Then as you are moving through/ above every so calmly using perhaps a very nice movie as a layer of distraction? You begin to find seconds of relief &. Strength, these then become minutes of relief & and strength, which then become 1/2 an hour to an hour then you are in your port. Your #PeaceBoat has now arrived at 1/2 a day of #IAmOkayNow *This is a small example of a repetitive process used on how to find peace, rest, comfort, strength, and your blessings. * This process also using my antiemetics and other western RX's I admittedly follow my Dr's advice, prayer, meditation, biofeedback, etc. I have learned over the years to not "throw the baby out with the bathwater" When we do not have any successful treatments nor cures. These techniques help me ride through hard moments calmly in peace rather than in anxiety & panic❤) Let me quantify this by saying I am not upset if someone feels this is not their way - we can always agree to disagree. I seek to help others have #WarriorTools in their #SurvivorShip