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Why or What is a “Cheat Eat”

#Gastroparesis = #GP #MotilityDisorders #ChronicIntestinalPseudoObstructionSyndrome #ColonicInertia #MitoChondrialMalabsorption #HR1187 In the #USA TO THEN GO #WorldWide

Why we “Cheat eat” while living with a broken, disabled, malfunctioning, in varying degrees of “paralysis” (this word is misleading yet also describes a system failing to work as it should), a broken gut? We are literally starving! Is why we “break” and like an incurable invisible #Starving4ACure Malnourished dehydrated human being still hard wired to “eat to live?” WE EAT! Then? We pay the consequences of putting food in our “broken guts!” Just as you would if you tried flush a backed up toilet… that you knew was stopped up. The difference being? You had called the plumber and were waiting for him to arrive and “fix” the plumbing. We do not have a “fix!” One more example the sink is backed up and again you have called the plumber. You forget and turn on the water try to use the garbage disposal and everything shoots back up.. and again. You can clean this up and the plumber will repair everything with entirely new pipes and a new garbage disposal if necessary. We DO NOT have this option available to us — but our plumbing, pipes, internal flushing system, it is messed up in varying ways.
When we “cheat eat” because we are truly starving, the consequences? Whether they begin to rumble & bubble? Erupt like a volcano from the upstairs or from the downstairs? We suffer the consequences and no, we are not stupid! We do become desperately hungry. The “consequences” sometimes? From a few bites? Will be sooooo bad? You will never ever repeat this experience in your life again. Let me share a small #GPReport with you. An outing with a few bites of a California Sushi Roll I thought – “this cheat eat- won’t be too bad!” (I do liquids to semi-soft most of the time.) I payed for these few bites for approximately 7 – 10 days. This is a never again moment.