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Hearing Words on the Wind

If I met you today
What would we both say
Not with our voices
But in the unspoken
Are you the other one? Or this one – So many have eloquently spoken of?
Learning History from an old Cemetery
Down South you are in Mark Twain, William Faulkner, Maya Angelou, territory
Birthplace of so many and so much music … We won’t start -it won’t do.
Down here our soil is rich – not just nutrients but artistically & Medically
Hollywood is not the “place to be”

“Oh no!” Not like Madea aka Tyler Perry in Atlanta Georgia or so many in New Orleans or Memphis/Nashville too many to begin but if you can speak without words you will understand it all Did you know, for some, the south has some of the top doctors in the world” doctors who teach others how to treat, research, and seek cures for the incurable.*

Whether it’s in the old homes, businesses, towns, or as we began in those cemeteries
Words not exchanged in these very elegant 100’s of years ago
Moving silently, arms casually behind our backs with hands clasped at our lower backs. Reading to & fro
The wind is gently blowing our long skirts waving the trouser pants, as we move in opposite sides under the shadows
The History is stirring now Ole Man River has joined the conversation
Past cannons,riverboats, fish and their Fishermen are chiming in — the loud bellows from Captains echoing past, present, future
History does not die it lives and breathes – while I advocate and use the coping skill of deleting those things which do not promote my personal peace?
This is a general truth I have found, until the “hates, prejudices, bigotry, misogyny, and hate crimes against our own humanity ends” we cannot breathe and move freely forward.This quote given — while I wrote it out? It is not an original thought. I have been praying for hate to end for as long as I can remember praying.. I just do not do conflict nor drama. It is really true. I breakout in hives all over my neck & chest as my body begins to become anxious. So I do not place myself in the circumstances creating stress. If you are reading this and you breakout? Please leave a comment because right now? I know of one. Yes I will again state I hyperventilated at my first spanking. It was never needed again. I couldn’t stand the look of disappointment on my parent’s faces.

Incurable Illnesses which combine the current issues of pre-existing diseases . We are in a very serious place. Insurance was making the calls to a large degree before the #ACA. AKA Obama Care Insurance companies are still a motivating factor except it is even stronger factor. In the past our physician could do a Prior Authorization to create an “over ride” it may take awhile, but it would get done. Now, the PA seems to not matter at all. They have their “guidelines” suggested dosages for certain DX’s and it does not matter that I have motility issues requiring an out of the box solution/s.
I have been confused on this phrase from the very beginning if you are born with DNA – Then there are Pre-Existing by the fact of your human beingness We are all made up of broke parts. —-