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Part 2 Reference #SurvivorShip

Cancer can be incurable and sometimes an invisible disease — Motility Disorders are incurable and often invisible as well. There ends our walk. .. on the surface. Cancer has been given acknowledgement, awareness, research, validation on its effects. #StandUp4Cancer The results of all of this Awareness & research has been amazing breakthroughs. Many Women -like my Mom did – are living through DX of Breast Cancer. Other types of cancer are being treated and put into remission and healing the body from these diseases. We – with Motility Disorders – are in a catch 22 some of us with motility diseases hurt so badly from a few Motility diseases every time we try to put food in our bodies – keeping our weight down. Then if we gain some using pain medication –we slow our motility -we fix (in my case 7 inches. Of the large intestine) lack of motility/constipation w/ a RX with side effects. Not taking pain medication and lose weight? I cannot do a feeding tube with adhesions and a twisted digestive tract.
Cancer is a hard issue, in some ways for #GPReporters & those with motility disorders- we suffer while #Starving4ACure and watch our #GPFamily pass on a “Way too regularity basis” green candles go up in their memorial—
Today it happened again.. we lost another #Warrior who is no longer suffering but a family is mourning. We are sending our condolences & deepest sympathies to their loved ones, friends, family & our community. <3 See Cancer is "known" we are not! We will not stop until we have our #Moonshot What is palliative care? The American Cancer Society offers guidance, support, information, and sometimes a model for the #MotilityDisorder #Gastroparesis Community who are trying to progressively gather enough of us in different layers, types, sizes, support, advocacy, and locations so none is being left alone physically, emotionally, mentally. Taken from

Palliative care focuses on relief of physical and emotional symptoms related to illness– it’s not expected to treat the cancer or other disease. The goal of palliative care is to make your life the best it can be at any time- before treatment, during treatment or after treatment.

This means that symptoms like nausea, pain, tiredness, or shortness of breath are treated and controlled. Palliative care also helps with emotional symptoms such as stress and depression. Sometimes medicines are used, but other types of treatment such as physical therapy and counseling may also be used.

Your cancer care team may include providers who are specially trained in palliative care. If you need help finding good palliative care options, call us.

Here is another resource found in the search while looking at the interest generated after I wrote #SurvivorShip
I was unaware it was a phrase used by #Cancer or #ChronicIllness my #PeaceBoat and #Advocacy along with blogging is heartfelt not game or analytical pursuit but a walk – with y’all -#GPReporters #Patient_Advocates #God on the #CureGP journey
This link is #ChronicDisease #SurvivorShip & from the The National Academies Press
If I am understanding the articles about cancer survivors? They are more costly in medical care – their “cancer free” aftercare. The psychological treatment, follow up, rehab to renter into society/workplace is more costly than other chronic diseases/illnesses.
The fact that time & money has been used to study the results of this & its name has been applied #Survivorship .. I do not which is more disturbing to me? Due to the fact we are fighting with every spoon we have to get one iota of research applied in a mass and effective manner to arrive at #Cures #CureGP if cancer cells can be found changed, and killed? We can definitely find a way to address motility disorders just putting research centers in sync together and a serious amount of research dollars applied. There are strains and delivery of medical marijuana as well as other treatments like acupuncture treatments which could be opened up to our community if all of these centers & research facilities were synced and sharing.