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Sticks & Stones /Nope It’s the Words

There is a phrase used “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”
While the pain & trauma of physical abuse is a legacy of an unacceptable situation inflicted by humans by humans? The phrase is incorrect.
Words live and breathe in our minds and it takes a muscle with coping skills of practice to “cleanse + delete words” from our very human mind.
The damage careless or purposefully said words can inflict? They are so terribly harmful.
It can creep into our minds and as soon as our world becomes slow calm quieter– they begin to echo in the chambers of our minds until they are erased, deleted, and dissected from our hearts and minds.
Words can remain to do damage in our minds, relationships, long after any physical issue could have healed.
I know the phrase must have been given to help a child from a bully in a school yard but in truth words, when spoken in anger, or in a heated situation between people who love & care for each other? Should immediately be cleaned up for all concerned – if at all possible – when you feel yourself getting angry?
Pause and never speak to those you love in anger. 98% of the time words will be said by one or the other of the two of you -Then regretted in hindsight. The other advice I would offer? If you are a person who does not do anger? Never engage in a conflict with a family member who is in a burst of anger. Things will be said which will be regretted. Why? Because of the pent up anger. When you are the one who can’t do anger? You are very frustrating to those who need to vent. Therefore when an explosion comes .. the words.. the words…
Being true to my heart and advocating for awareness for what we believe in? I believe is in the reason I am here past my “expiration date?” I write whatever I am led to write. May your evening be filled with blessings, peace, comfort, and joy. <3