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As Mom’s we pray we achieve one goal ..our kids are healthy happy and blessed with the knowledge of how gifted, loved they are and in turn they can do/achieve anything they put their mind to do.. it won’t come easily necessarily but they can do or be anything! When you are dx with an Incurable Illness I believe most of us decide to do our very best to do everything possible to be sure our loved ones will have everything they need (not material- but the Priceless gifts of memories which live when we are no longer here.. it won’t be the dollar bills that provide comfort nor will it be a check you wrote out.. but the words and laughter, conversation ~these things.. will be a comfort and live to provide those we love with the strength our children they need in grief.. how do I know? I walked this path as a young girl after losing her Dad.. now the first Mother’s Day without Mom.. I have children and I have tried to do my best to do what I can to be “present” because of my Dad’s early passing.. We have had lessons to learn money can’t buy..memories nor time. We don’t have to leap tall buildings to be relevant in our loved ones lives. I can agree to disagree with anyone I’ll take the #PeaceBoat ride because while I have grown and changed due to these moments? Like my Dad passing at an early age? I am not my Dad’s passing, I am not Gastroparesis, Chronic Pseudo-Obstruction Syndrome, Colon Inertia, Mitochondrial Malabsorption– No I am me .. if you need a reference point, touchstone, GPReporter, Patient_Advocator about these dx .. Deb

While breathing in & out as we approach Mother’s Day 2017…I begin to think about my beautiful, precious family. They are so beautiful, kind and a celebration of all I pray for daily. The exteriors, materials and any other pretenses cannot make a heart, mind, soul to become filled with Grace, Peace, and Happiness. I pray all children are given the gift/blessing of “knowing” that they are indeed able –~~no matter their
situation ~~~—to be anything they wish or are willing to do while “unable” [no matter how “unable” is defined? to become regularly hydrated & malnourished or any other set of circumstances.. your dreams of “you” can manifest themselves – if you do not keep the paradigms tightly reigned but loosely widened to find a happiness you might have otherwise may not have never have known.]
There is a question or lack of dedication of pursuit to “stay the course” as well as… self-esteem — you are good, brilliant, fully capable, worthy- even if you are rejected, or turned down or told otherwise.. you >>> are the bomb diggity .com <3 Now to change course.. on this #1 as I go to write - most days I go from my mind/heart/spirit/ What has been placed there as Prayer Meditation has been done and my Day goes forward.. sometimes I need assistance. One of the resources? Is the "Essential Songwriter's Rhyming Dictionary" Kevin M. Mitchell As I proceed to look at the word "Adversity." Writing gone and Experience / #GPReporter Hat 🎩 on only another #GP'er could see the huge humor in opening the book to look up "adversity" and it was not there so I go to "advocate".. and immediately see -- > “ate” {See I am serious!look at the green arrow! If

we advocate! Our GPReports will help us get us closer to the day we can say? I ATE!!!
It is in the collage. We advocate about #Starving4ACure! #CureGP #Gastroparesis lack of successful treatments for diabetic GP & idiopathic GP layered motility disorders and those with feeding tubes. Some with additional types of neuropathy, autoimmune disorders, #POTS #Mito #Malabsorption some refer to the entire digestive tract being compromised as digestive tract paralysis. When you are having esophageal spasms/some with #Barretts or other esophageal issues or severe #GERD then the digestive disease continues throughout the body in varying degrees. It may be severe throughout or in varying stages. The large intestine may be in total malfunction & the small intestine fairly “ok” at the moment with the stomach at jumping between super slow to dumping or on constant super slow- to fairly slow. See the point is there are so many possibilities. Now, just throw in the new organ, the mesentery, what is it doing? Or adding to the situation? This is a very complicated puzzle with a unique key which varies slightly from person to person.
In generalization the dx will follow a flow chart with a protocol of treatments but remember each of us varies tremendously like a combination lock on each set of diagnosis and it is being treated almost blind-folded due to the lack of research,
And our information not being synced? Is seen as yet one more way to further slow our progress on our behalf. Then, in regard, to the unique key?
Our DNA requires the flexibility to step away from headless mindless protocols. We will never ever succeed without a thought pattern which proceeds in the manner as if the core of our issue is a broken digestive system and absorption issues. The research part of this is sooooo important! I am one of many who could provide documentation- to prove malabsorption with dysmotility- is not a notion but a truth for which we could provide documentation.

Do you see the green arrow?
Yep –> if we

(null) yes it has still sending out the first of the #GPMomsAreWarriors #ChronicWarriors #Beyond Amazing #Diamonds