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The best of a Mother’s Day can be found with Love here & there. Walking an advocacy journey in truth. I am walking with an intent to help just 1 person. Yet, to help this one person I must keep myself in a place of peace. How are you doing #GPReporters #ChronicWarriors #Patient_Advocates #GPPrincesses #Warriors #GPNation one & all #HR1187
Here is how Love is helping me this 1st Mother’s Day #TouchTheRainbowSkittles #Shakespeare #LimeSherbet #YellowRoses remembering love not loss. Mom’s favorite color is yellow. Both Mom & Dad American Rose Society members/judges…. Dad grew & hybridized roses


I can breathe because unconditional is a truth
Dancing with positive optimism
Sitting on a mushroom
She is singing songs from a bygone era
Where tin cans and telegraphs
Made trips over seas and lands
Long long ago the falcons and eagles
Knew the path upon which they flew
Was more than a metaphor
It was the moors they saw when they swooped down
Had a glimpse of the valley of death
Flew back up to their
Rosy tips in perfect accordance
With those who would always know
The mist, the scent, the gifts, the love,
The kindness, the joy, the hope, the truth
It all is seen with infinity
Alpha omega carpe diem
A child will guide them
Truth is always seen by our hearts
All children are ours. No orphans
All are loved. If ~~ hate ~~ is
Being put aside
With the “better angels of our nature”
We are our “Brother’s keepers”
“What if God were one of us?”
He is and we are all His Children
There will not be a segregated Heaven.. I do not think.
Nope I know There Will NOT be a segregated Heaven!
A disciple at the gate/aka bouncer asking which denomination are you?
Then breaking down how many “Sunrise Services” you attended.. Did you do communion the right way with the “correct “utensils & crackers/drink?”
Then “At the gate a disciple will inquire if you worshipped Him in the correct language, cathedral, and proceeds to pull out a 20 page document “just to be sure ” as a If God Is not God always everywhere. The Native American Indians have been trying to convince us this for a very long time about the “creator” but no… what happened? Hate & judgement acts badly. Taking their names, land, lying to them, on and on …
Love is ___ and it always does
Hate is ___ and it always has
A truth is about compassionate empathy with an open palm holding each other’s hand
A lie is about a judgement of a clinched fist with a stone.
Children taught love, compassion, empathy, lead by the heart ❤️