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#MotilityMonday Worth

Happy #MotilityMonday #CureGP #Gastroparesis #GPReporters #CantStopWontStop

We have begun to see our worth
And in its midst we will not go back
You may not see us but you will
We will go forward in the mist of angst
See these rainbows
They have been earned
Our beauty hides all of the pain — the roads of
Digestive roadblocks, —
the stinchy glumpy swamps where food rots..
the land mines and land dumps for toxic waste– it is all hidden you see — because
Our beauty – our smile- our spirit – our hope- outweighs it all …
We are more than meets the eye
We are the rainbows stretching across the sky
Meeting you & I
To tell others “Your beauty shines and indomitable spirit flies!” You too are more than meets the eye! Your journey -#GPReporter #Advocator is well met today #Cures #CureGP is on the horizon -Our worth is shining today #MotilityMonday #HR1187