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Life cannot be defined as “perfect” or “horrible” but ,in my opinion, as a state of perfection at times or in “a horrible mess of a moment..” What is the difference? One is a characterization of “you” the other is a characterization of a “moment in a time.” If this “moment in time” is the manifestation of Grace and your belief system helps you to see its perfect beauty? Then you naturally wonder what is the “horrible” life a reflection on… is life a symphony … and if there were not “chords” we could not hear nor know the beauty of their voices upon our lives. If Celena Dion “My Heart Will Go On” or Whitney Houston .. singing “I will Always Love you” did not sing with all its ranges.. we would never soar with the love inside of the songs… see? Hear? Feel? “Perfect!” Of course I am not calling you “perfect” but the understanding of our minds of the concept because no human being is “perfect nor achieves “perfection” really why should we even seek to achieve this? But I sooooo love to observe Grace,Peace,Love, Kindness, Unity, and all of its like minded friends rushing upon us like a summer rain or beautiful thunderstorm without threat but it’s beautiful firework show. Standing on a mountain in the Appalachian Mountains while she gently moves her clouds then this rain comes down while you are literally standing in Grace. If you are Blessed you will see a Mama Bear & her cubs (from a safe distance) and in this “moment in time of perfection” even if a “horrible mess” arrived? Grace would make you laugh at its attempt to try to unseat it.. if it were a serous matter Grace would have fortified your spirit in such a way? You face “this horrible mess of a moment” with greater strength than you would have otherwise. See?Hear? Feel? Grace.
We are not our incurable Illnesses in my opinion but what we came to “The Dance” with my Dad & Mom instilled positive optimism and a “you can do anything – no matter what!” Attitude to us.. there is a strong DNA link to this as well. Just as it seems very clear the illnesses are DNA linked but again I am not a definition of this but who I am intrinsically. I went years taking the diagnosis off the table so the conversation would have a chance to be about everything else.. then I found my way to advocacy- which by the way, was where I was going all along but sometimes we have to be shoved and pushed a little. Then I began to put the social media platforms out there with the information about Gastroparesis, Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction Syndrome, Colonic Inertia, POTS, Mitochondrial Malabsorption I have been moving with this official DX of #GP #CIPO #CI 1999 #POTS #Mito 2011/2012
Symptoms of the illness now I realize have been with me a very long time I just a “push through” kinda girl. 19996 things could not be ignored. 1999 I was flat on my back dehydrations running back to back & constipations bumping into migraines…. why do I add this? Because I bet there is another person out there who can relate to this scenario. Your large intestine is not moving, stomach slows, (that second brain in your tummy ..) the spasms in your gut triggers a migraine. The migraine is a “you cannot move without throwing up” – “you cannot speak, move, go to the bathroom, every move causes you to vomit” if you are blessed with a support person who can bring you ice packs .. you lay in a darkened room with your ice packs, I use bio feedback, if my hubby can’t be GP here -he will do an ice chest by the bed with my five packs in it. We have managed to get enough packs I can rotate well. I use my migraine mess & biofeedback / run hydration fluids. Pray. These are intense migraines which can be very hard to break.
Still I am not a #ChronicMigraine I pray this helps you not feel alone because I finally found a scent which doesn’t trigger me! Light Blue Dolce Gabbana I wear small scarves /bandanas tied at my wrist(I also use them to tie back my hair because they have a coated rubber band in them ready for a quick ponytail or messy bun) sprayed with this scent -I can quickly put this over my nose if I suddenly encounter a “trigger smell” which is a big deal with migraines & #GP. See? Hear? Feel? Thank You Jessica Perfect!